Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Tree

I feel like we always have a "tree story". Always. It's like our curse. We can never just have a normal experience when choosing a Christmas tree. Here is our 2015 Christmas tree story... 

{"Douglas" the morning after we finished decorating}

Want to know what makes a pregnant lady upset? Not having what she wants WHEN she wants it. Am I right or am I right? 
We always get and decorate a Christmas tree the Friday after Thanksgiving. ALWAYS. And because we are in the military, we refuse to buy a fake tree and haul it everywhere we go (we are only allowed a certain amount of weight to take with us when we move as it is), we always buy a real tree. We used to try and go chop our trees down ourselves and then that got way too pricey so we decided to try tree lots and those were just as expensive for the trees we wanted and they DIED so stinking quick! So, for the past few years we have been buying our tree at Costco. Because Costco is for lovers. And their trees are a good price (duh, it's Costco) and we have never had a problem with them dying too quickly. 
So, here comes Friday after Thanksgiving (Black Friday if you will) and Charlotte gets up from her nap and we get her all excited about going and getting our Christmas tree! Side note: Our child LOVES Costco and recognizes them every time we pass one so I think she was more excited about going to Costco than the tree. We take the truck and drive around and can't find the semi that usually has the trees in them. So, we go inside and sure enough there is a tree sitting there... with a sign... that says they won't be available until the 29th... which is a Sunday. 
Cue the pregnant lady mini-meltdown
But Devin convinced me that we could wait to get our tree until Monday. 
So, Monday rolls around. I talk to Charlotte ALL DAY about getting our tree and decorating it and all the lights that we will put on it! Devin decided to pick the tree up on his way home (because duh they are all tied up and you can't really pick "a good one" that way anyway) and he called me on his way home and told me that he got a "9 foot tree". WHAT!? We usually have a 7 or 8 foot tree... but 9!?!?! 
He gets home and leaves the tree in the truck while we eat dinner and then it dawns on me...
Um... maybe we should get the tree out of your snow filled truck bed... so it doesn't freeze...
So, Devin went outside to cut the bottom fresh and trim some branches and THEN he comes to get me to help him get the tree in the house. Me? Seriously? This thing is a MONSTER how am I going to get it up the front steps, and into the door with my big ol belly in the way? AND it's icy out! Regardless, we got it in the house and into the stand... and lo and behold

{"Douglas" before we cut the string off... just for it to stay in place...}

Not because Devin left it in the truck, but it just came that way!
Fresh frozen tree! 
So not ONLY is my living room covered in needles (which reminds me every year why I really DO want a fake tree! I swear I sweep those suckers up until May every year!) but also water from the de-thawing tree. 
Obviously we couldn't decorate a frozen tree (My mom texted me and asked, "How are you going to get that thing decorated if it's frozen!?") so we spent the evening watching the tree de-thaw and remembering WHY we love having a real tree. THE SMELL!!!! Charlotte kept yelling at the tree, "Come on tree! You can do it!" But it didn't help. We still went to bed with a frozen tree. We woke up the next morning to "Douglas" (which is what Charlotte named the tree?) being full and beautiful! It was absolute TORTURE waiting to decorate it until Devin got home.
But wait we did!

{All done. I love this photo of my sweet girl and her tree!}

We thought Charlotte would be ALL over decorating that tree
Nope. Kid just wanted to hoard the ornaments she liked in a basket that I usually keep cinnamon pinecones in???? What the heck kid?
BUT Douglas is done! He is decorated!!! And he looks fantastic
Devin calls our tree a "hodge podge" of nice ornaments and sentimental ones... I wouldn't have it any other way.
Now Charlotte wants the tree lights on 24/7 and every time she walks by it she says, "Wow! Pretty tree! It's beautiful!"
So much magic happening this time of year!

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