Wednesday, December 9, 2015

If I weren't pregnant

I told Devin that while it's so fun being pregnant at Christmas time... I am so tired of not fitting into anything! Like my down jackets... to keep me warm. AND this is the BEST time of year to get the best deals on my favorite clothing brands! I seriously go onto their sites and LUST over their adorable items right now. (I'm looking at YOU JCREW!) So, I have entitled this post "If I weren't pregnant" and essentially these are the things I would LOVE to have if I weren't pregnant. And yes, I realized I won't be pregnant for forever (although, it feels that way) but it still takes me awhile to lose all my baby weight and as Stacey and Clinton always say- BUY THINGS THAT FIT YOUR BODY NOW! So I will just have to wait next year and save my money... or spend it on makeup.. you know... whatever comes first ;-) but that doesn't mean YOU can't enjoy all the awesome sales right now! Have a look at some of my favs and don't forget, clink on the photo to be taken to the retailer for pricing. (DYING over the silver and tartan skirts!!!!!) 

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