Monday, December 14, 2015

All about hair

It was one of my goals to learn how to do a TRUE hair blowout this year. Call me crazy (my husband does sometimes) but I felt like there was no way I could be 28 years old and NOT know how to correctly blow dry my hair. Now, that isn't to say that I blow dry my hair perfectly everyday- to be honest it's usually only on the weekend when I have a bit more time (read: Devin is playing with Charlotte) to get ready. Most of the time I just "rough dry" my hair BUT the important thing is... I know how to do it and I CAN do it. And I have become insanely picky about what I put on my hair. (Every product listed I use, MINUS the particular round brush. Everything else is tried and true! Remember to click on the photos to be taken to retailers).

-The number one thing I have learned about the "blowout"... Use good shampoo and conditioner! My absolute FAVORITE is DryBar "Happy Hour". I only use it a few times a week because it's a "cleansing" shampoo (meaning it removes impurities and buildup) so I usually use this on Wednesdays and Sundays and SOMETIMES ONLY on Sundays. The first time I used these products I noticed an IMMEDIATE difference in my hair and I have become a huge believer in them. This is what lead me to using the "Sake Bomb" collection as well. I definitely need hydration especially during the winter- so on the day's I am not using "Happy Hour" or a dry shampoo, I am using "Sake Bomb".

-The next thing I learned is about using the RIGHT products for the RIGHT purpose. I never style my hair without product in it. My favorite is DryBar's "Hot Toddy". It gives great hold without being too sticky (you know what I mean?). If I am curling my hair I do a double whammy with "Hot Toddy" and Bumble and Bumble's styling creme. Makes my curls STAY (which used to NEVER happen with my straight hair!). It is also important not to overdose on styling products! I literally use a dime sized amount for my entire head. I also really love Living Proof's style extender or Bumble and Bumble's styling lotion for days when I just want to leave my hair straight. (*Side note: only in the winter will I finish my hair with the hairdresser oil by Bumble and Bumble. Since it's so dry here I definitely need it!*)

-Learn to use a round brush. I was really intimidated by this when I first started to attempt to dry my hair like a grown up (haha). I used to always watch my mom use a round brush to style her hair growing up (which she STILL does) and I just thought it seemed like a lot of work and wasted effort! Well, sorry mom, I get you now. Watch tutorials if you have to but learn to use that bad boy. It will be your best friend! And so will styling clips! They help you section off your hair without leaving it horribly creased.

-After the blow-dry... I have figured out that I need to allot 20-30 minutes to curl my hair and only 5-10 to straighten it (even less time if I have done a proper blowout). So pending how much time I have left... that's what kind of hairstyle I go with. Usually I only curl my hair on Sundays and sometimes not even then! But Devin LOVES my hair curled so I try and do it at least once a week. Last year for my birthday, Devin bought me the Nume 5 in 1 (pictured below) and I absolutely LOVE IT! I bought a single titanium wand for travel as well because I loved the 5 in 1 so much! I love that it has different barrels to create a custom look. Then for Mother's Day he bought me the GHD flatiron (pictured below) because my CHI that he bought me when we first got married broke (I dropped it on the floor by accident and the plug broke!).

-Finishing. OK guys. I bought the Oribe Apres beach wave and shine spray on a total whim after I got my hair cut back in the summer and I splurged on the full size bottle (which I NEVER do if I don't know that I love something). I saw a tutorial on how to style a LOB and I decided I had to have it. This is probably my favorite hair product I own because not only does it smell fantastic but it gives my hair amazing body which I totally lack. I use it to give me some "oomph" when I curl my hair AND when I do topknots- it's my topknot secret weapon. I also love their dry texturizing spray! I'm going to go "off the record" here and say that I don't really have a hairspray that I love. Seriously, I don't. I feel like they ALL smell funny and they ALL are a bit crunchy. But the closest one I have COME to loving is the DryBar "Money Maker" hairspray. But if you want to use Herbal Essence as your hair spray- I will look the other way. Because to be honest, I don't love any hairspray (haha). So, if you have one you LOVE and I MUST HAVE IT please let me know.

-Making it last. Ok guys. I have the WORST time with dry shampoos. I have really dark hair (which is natural. I haven't colored my hair in 7 years) and NO dry shampoo completely soaks into my hair regardless if I do a cool blow dry (which I recommend doing anyway) and try and "fluff" it out. I really do love DryBar's detox spray but lately I have been using Bumble and Bumble's pret a powder. I will say it would be GREAT on blonde hair... but it's super messy to use so if you are in the market for a dry shampoo GO FOR THE AEROSOL! SO much less mess! So, brunette girls- if you have a fav dry shampoo that will soak in and not leave me looking like I'm 80- let me know! (I only wash my hair every other day so having dry shampoo is vital. I do like the ones I have used but I don't LOVE them and I need LOVE in my dry shampoo life.

Anyway those are just my tips and tricks! What are yours!? 

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