Friday, December 18, 2015

7 years

Oh. My. Gosh. Devin and I have been married for 7 years today. 7 YEARS! Yesterday we talked about what we were doing 7 years ago. (I THINK I TELL THIS STORY EVERY SINGLE YEAR BUT THAT'S OK!) It was POURING rain as we drove down to San Diego. Devin, me and my best friend Crosby left early in the morning to drive down to LA to pick up another bridesmaid and so Devin could meet his family and drive the rest of the way down to San Diego with them. My parents and family left later in the day. Devin ate at In N Out TWICE that day (hahaha) and I was a GIANT stress ball because my freshly manicured nails had CHIPPED! (Mom was smart and brought hot pink nail polish just in case such a thing happened- which is why my "wedding nails" were hot pink and not a french manicure like I had wanted). My friends and I shared a hotel room and I COULD NOT SLEEP! But I tried. I was up super early in the morning showering and generally getting myself together- I had a hair and makeup appointment with a lady I had never met before. I remember calling Devin and asking what he was doing- he was leisurely having breakfast with his family... I had my dad go pick up our flowers (I believe I described in great detail what they should look like as well just in case they weren't what I wanted...) Mom and I headed off to my appointment and the girl FLAT OUT told me that I could not have my hair how I wanted (I wanted it down and wavy- like old Hollywood glamour). She convinced me to go with an updo.... But she curled my hair and had it looking exactly how I wanted it... until she started pinning it up into this weird beehive swirl of a mess (no, I do NOT have a photo. I made my mom delete that thing). She did my makeup while my hair was curled and pretty so I was thinking I was going to be looking good! And then... she did the beehive mess. As soon as she was done and turned me around I started freaking out. I only had 30 minutes to get to the temple and my hair looked horrendous. We went to pay and the stylist kept asking me if I was "OK". Luckily my mom answered and told her that I was just nervous. As soon as we got into the car I started crying and pulling out bobby pins. I was getting married in 2 hours and I had crazy hair and messed up makeup. I was FREAKING OUT to say the least. When we got to the temple Devin and my friends all met me as I got out of the car which was super embarrassing "YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL..." they all said which just made me cry even more. Devin and I met with some people in the temple about how our wedding would go and as soon as they were done I squeaked out "Do I have time to fix my hair and makeup!?" Well thank goodness we got married on a Thursday because we did have time. My mom (bless her) had brought combs, brushes, curling irons, and her makeup arsenal. And she fixed my hair (as best she could) and touched up my makeup and got me dressed. I hadn't eaten anything all day (we got married around 2pm) so the nice temple ladies brought me some crackers and tic-tacs. And then it was time to go... Our sealing was beautiful and everything else went wonderfully the rest of the day. When we were getting our photos taken Devin asked me where I wanted to eat and for some reason I said "CPK!" (California Pizza Kitchen) I WAS STARVING! The day did not start out as planned by boy did it end up being the best day.

Devin, we have been through a lot these last 7 years. We have gone through 3 degrees (2 for me! 1 for you!), 4 moves, bought 2 houses, wrecked 2 cars (both in Colorado), started retirement plans, had countless adventures, and added our sweet babes to our family.  There is no one else in the world I would rather do this thing called life with. You seem to always know what I need, when I need it and you work so hard to provide and care for our little family. I love you just doesn't even seem to cut it anymore because the longer we are together the more and more we are one. I am so thankful for you and grateful that you married me. Happy Anniversary my love! 

Also, we will not be celebrating today as Devin has his work Christmas party. So we will be celebrating tomorrow instead! I have no idea WHAT we are doing. Devin has it planned and has kept it a secret. Although, he keeps telling me that we will be going to watch "Star Wars" and he has costumes for us to wear... Oh, dear. 

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