Monday, November 30, 2015

Cold Weather Necessities

We have lived here for a little over 3 years and if there is one thing I have learned, it's how to stay warm in the cold! I remember "back in the day" when I moved to Idaho, my mom was so stressed out about be being warm she bought me these horrible clunky snow boots (which we returned- sorry mom) but I really never learned HOW to be stylish AND warm at the same time. I basically just wore a bomber jacket and converse to class every day in the -20 degree weather (AHAHAHAHAHA it's terrible but it's the truth!) Thank goodness my style has evolved from that. So, here are a few things to keep you warm, cozy, and stylish this winter.

#1. A COAT! But I'm not talking a ski jacket. No. A legit coat guys and gals. See the one down below with the toggles and hood? It's my fav. Even though I am pregnant I still wear it... just open (HAHA). Wool will be your very best friend. I seriously JUST got rid of the pea coat my mom bought for me for Christmas when I was 16. INVESTMENT PIECES I tell you. But if you don't like wool find a down or down alternative parka that STILL HAS SHAPE and won't make you look like a rectangle- unless you like looking like a rectangle.
#2. Boots. Ok, yeah if you are going to go out and treck in the snow, buy some legit snow boots, just don't wear them out to dinner. I bought a pair of brown leather boots 6 years ago and I STILL WEAR THEM TO THIS DAY. Want something that's kind of like a snow boot but way more fashionable? Hunter wellies! They are my favorite thing ever. Devin bought me some red ones 4 years ago and I never tire of them (I also have them in pink... black ones are on my list!). I wear these suckers in the snow all the time and I HAVE NEVER SLIPPED! Duck boots are also a fun option- yes, duck boots are on my Christmas list.
#3. Scarves. Any plain outfit can be dressed up with a scarf and so can any plain jacket! Patterned or plain, I don't leave the house without a scarf in the winter. 
#4. HATS! Ok. So, I get it. Hats mess up your hair. Stick a few dryer sheets in your purse and use them to help tame your hair when you take your hat off. Your body temp will thank you for wearing a hat. I am OBSESSING over J Crew's knit hats at the moment.
#5. Gloves. This is kind of a give in I feel like but I still see so many people out and about without gloves! People! PUT ON YOUR GLOVES! Your skin will thank you. I am LOVING anthro's line of fuzzy gloves at the moment! 

What are your winter must haves? Long johns? Cozy pajamas? Fuzzy slippers?
{Don't forget you can click on the image and be taken directly to the retailer to see prices and other options!}

Our last baby

Yes, this new baby (or "baby baby" as my husband likes to call him) will be our very last. The reasons are personal and private, but mostly medical based. We feel good about this being our last baby and we really feel like this baby completes our family nicely. Charlotte won't be an only child, and won't have to deal with her crazy parents all on her own! And Devin and I each have 2 hands, one for each of our children.
"Man on Man defense" as I had a friend describe it to me once.
There is something both sad and exhilarating in knowing that this is my last pregnancy. Let's be honest here, I don't do pregnancy well. I feel like crap, I look like crap, and my body just EXPANDS to no end. One day Devin said to me, "That's what you do when you are pregnant... you eat, and you sleep." And it's true, that's basically what I do! I cried to my doctor because of the weight I have already gained and she basically told me not to stress out about it (which was nice to hear from a doctor). I will say, it's been so NICE not working the majority of this pregnancy and being able to NAP every day! HALLELUJAH! Those 12 hour clinical days in the beginning were brutal though. Those sucked the life right out of me. It was like, I hit week 6 and baby said "I'M HERE TO STAY! HORRAY! LET'S MAKE YOU FEEL HORRIBLE!". But I really am trying to enjoy this second, and last pregnancy. I'm trying to enjoy the naps, and the EATING, and the extra snuggles I am stealing from Charlotte. Because I won't get this time again. Was it the smartest idea to get pregnant right at the end of nursing school? Meh, maybe I should have waited until AFTER clinicals but we knew the time was right. This pregnancy has definitely been trying. I have had a few things happen to my body that were concerning to me, but mostly I have just felt like crap. I thought week 12 would get here and my body would be like "OK! Let's be normal now!" But no. Oh no. Not to mention my SKIN is freaking out. My skin looks worse than it when I was a teenager. AND my body has just EXPLODED everywhere. I feel like I am much more active this pregnancy (HELLO!!!! I have been working out 4-5 times a week! And I didn't workout PERIOD with Charlotte!) but regardless I have expanded the space I take up... and it isn't cute. I'm not the cute little long torso girl with the basketball tummy. It's just not me and I'm trying to embrace it.
But I am trying SO HARD to enjoy this pregnancy! I am trying to enjoy every little kick and movement and sweet tiny outfit we find for this new babe. Because let's be honest... we have practically ZERO clothes for this kid. Devin is convinced he will spend the summer in only diapers. I reminded him that it snows in May. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

How we do Christmas: Every year since the year we got married Devin and I set a budget for Christmas (smart right?) It's usually around $150-200 with a $50 cushion for stocking stuffers (each). Charlotte does not have a budget yet but I'm sure she will ASAP. We really haven't bought her much in past years (THANKS GRANDMAS!) and she is really just happy to tear anything open at this point. Its been SUCH a nice thing for our little family to set a budget ESPECIALLY for each other. We also email each other a nice long list of things we want for Christmas and then the other person gets to pick from that list what we actually get. So it's still kind of a surprise. Usually each of us throws a few things in that we didn't ask for- like last year I made Devin an airplane blanket and he got me these really cool fair isle mittens that I LOVE. Anyway- I digress.... 
Our Christmas shopping is usually fairly easy the way we have it set up but there is one thing.... ONE THING that Devin always fails to put on his list...

I don't know about you, but I feel like stocking stuffers are the WORST thing to shop for, for men. I usually try and make his stocking stuffers real surprises by getting things not on his list (since he doesn't send me a stocking stuffer list anyway haha). So, here are some stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, and children. Because I can't be the only one who stresses about stocking stuffers right?
(Clink on the photos to be taken to product site!)

 So here's the thing. I try and either think about what my husband usually USES or LIKES for these things. I TRY and keep it around $50 for stocking stuffers although sometimes I do go a few bucks over. Some ideas! SHAVING STUFF: My husband LOVES his shaving stuff and is a big fan of the Jack Black line or The Art of Shaving (ladies, you can buy a gift set, open the box, and throw it into the stocking- boom! Done! Please be warned that the link for the Art of Shaving Kit takes you to the pricey one but I PROMISE there is an affordable version that is under budget! $30!) FACE STUFF: My husband LOVES these Boscia face scrubbers. He uses it every day and its really affordable (shhhhhh Devin is getting one in his stocking!) Also, last year I bought him these Peter Thomas Roth mini masks which we BOTH use (WIN WIN!) and love. SCARVES: Black Friday is the BEST time to buy these suckers because the nice ones get pricey OR just make one! Guys need to have warm necks too. SOCKS: Smart wool socks or dress socks always go down well in our house hold. TIE or CUFF LINKS: Every year Devin gets a new pair of cuff links from me. In past years I have bought him airplane ones, gear shift ones, transformer ones... the dude has an awesome collection of cufflinks now! Also, can't go wrong with a tie. Some other stuff I have done in the past: Candy! It sounds lame but it always goes down well. Usually I get him something he only gets at Christmas like Pirouettes or I special order HAPPY HIPPOS (because they are DELICIOUS  and it isn't something you can pick up at the local market around here). One year I bought him an OREO DIPPER and that was so fun to watch him open and use. I have also bought him new "coffee" mugs (for hot chocolate) and paper airplane books.

 I feel like women are so easy to do stocking stuffers for. Especially for women like me to love anything beauty/makeup. Men! (Are there men who read my blog? If your wife/girl friend likes Sephora by the register are a TON of mini products for great prices. Go there and stock up on stocking stuffers. OR right now is the BEST time to buy gift sets! Buy a gift set, open the box, and dump it in the stocking. Boom. Done. Some other ideas are: Bath bombs, bubble bath, a new book, makeup brushes/sponges, nail polish, hair products (I usually end up getting new shampoo and conditioner- fills up my stocking!), lotion, gloves/mittens, a new scrubby or loofa, favorite candy, lip gloss, SOCKS (I seriously get cozy socks every year!), $5 gift card to Starbucks... easy peasy. 

I feel like kids are the easiest ones to buy for in the family (am I right?). At least for Charlotte because I feel like she would be happy with anything! Last year I seriously just bought her the stuffed animals from Doc McStuffins for her stocking (and that was it) and she STILL loves them. This year, the girl does NOT need anymore stuffed animals and I really don't like the idea of getting her candy. I know that not ALL of these toys below would fit into her stocking (I got a little carried away and some are pretty big- how fun are these!?!?!?) But some fun options are: A top! How fun would a spinning top be to get in your stocking? Musical instruments. Yes, makes for a loud Christmas morning BUT one to remember for sure. A view finder! I LOVE THESE! Some other ideas are: bubble bath, books, cars, microphone or voice changer (seen in red below), play camera, and bubbles! 

Stockings are always the first thing we open on Christmas morning and it's so fun to get the day going by being surprised by what's inside! Let's nail these stocking stuffers this year friends! What do you usually put in your stockings? (I remember Devin telling me they always got an orange in the toe when they were little? I had never heard of that!) 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh.... boy....

(Warning: If you get weird about the word "penis" I encourage you to stop reading)

Let me just be clear... I pretty much KNEW we were having a boy since I got pregnant. I mean, the "Zufelt gene" statics have been Girl-Boy or Boy-Girl pretty consistently across the board. But you never know... maybe we could have been having another girl? But no. No no no. The day we got back from Disneyland my blood test confirmed what we already knew- BOY! Can I just say that I have never seen my husband more excited OR motivated about decorating... EVER? I swear the very next day he was talking about how we would be doing baby boy's room. 
We're having a freaking boy
I have to admit, even though I KNEW it, it's real and I'm freaking out a bit
You see, I don't do the "penis thing" well
Ok, that sounds bad but penis' are just weird
I come from a family of girls
I have 3 sisters
My mother was a single mom for forever
My sister had 2 girls as the first grandchildren
But when my sister got pregnant with her first son... I freaked out a little bit!
Our family motto had been "NO TAILS!" (From my niece) 
I mean, what would we DO with a boy?!
I still don't know... 
But I have now seen my fair share of penis' and it just doesn't phase me like it did the first time I saw one that wasn't my husband's (I know, TMI!).... 
It's just a body
Another TMI but the first time we did a catheter in clinicals was OF COURSE on a male... and guess who got to hold the penis steady? Me. Of course it would be me. And all of my classmates got a kick out of it. 
And the majority of catheters I have done have been on males. har-di-har-har
But I really had no experience changing boy diapers until recently (and I DO NOT feel skilled at it at all)
In fact, once I was babysitting a little boy and had my friend come help me to make sure I did it correctly 
Also, during our labor and delivery rotation all the babies were girls
BUT I did get a rotation in the NICU during my capstone and I took care of both BOYS and GIRLS so I feel a bit more skilled in the diaper area- but not much. 
When we found out we were having a boy the things I freaked out to Devin about where:

-Erections. I hear even littles get them!? What the heck? 
-Wet dreams (these 2 are funny because I know Devin freaked out about bra's and periods when we found out we were having a girl the first time) 
-Scouts (I refuse to be "Den mother" or a Webelos leader)
-Dating! (although I am afraid of this for both of my kids) Not liking anyone my son dates because let's be honest little girls can be dramatic and terrible
-Teaching him to do manly things that men should know! (Luckily my husband is a manly man and can teach him all those things...)
-Circumcision! I totally believe in it and we will totally do it but I cannot be there for that. That's all Devin. 
-Potty training a freaking BOY!? 

I have never ever seen myself as a "boy mom". I don't understand little boys and their love of dirt, and cars, and... what else do boys like? Super heroes? I get baby dolls and accessories and dress up! I still don't know how I'm going to do this- the whole "boy thing". But I guess I will just have to figure it out and not just be a "boy mom"... I'm going to be THIS BOY'S MOM! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby #2 is a...

 Well it's that time! Time to reveal whether we have a little girl or a little boy coming in March! Any last minutes guessed before you scroll down? Ok!

It's a boy! {Confirmed by both blood test and anatomy scan}