Monday, June 15, 2015

Spa Shower!

Last Friday my friends Sky, Allie, and Carrie and I threw a "Spa" baby shower for our friend Michelle. Michelle is expecting her second baby girl so after begging her have a party ;-) she finally agreed. She said she wanted something relaxing and more specifically something that was fun and more like a "girl's night out." It was so fun putting this together. We just had desserts which was fantastic! {Yes, I made the cheesecake.} We also had a DIY bath salt station (which went over really well!), a nail polish station, and Allie made homemade face masks! It was low key but totally fun. I wish we could do this all the time! It just turn out so stinking cute. I made cute prints for each station and I will link them below for anyone who wants to use them. 

The DIY bath salts are so stinking easy:
You'll need:
Epsom salt
Pink Himalayan Salt 
Rose oil (or any kind you want)
Dried rose petals (I made my own) 
4oz Mason jars 

To make:
1/4 cup epsom salt
1/4 cup pink himalayan salt
6 drops oil
1 tbsp rose petals
MIX and add to the mason jar. DONE! 

*Tassel garland is from studiomucci* 
 (Activity table!) 

(nail station)


(How darling is the chalkboard my friend Sky did?)

(Yum! Costco lemon and brownie bites!) 

(strawberries with nutella dip)

(Sky also made this! So stinking cute!) 

(A few of our ladies! I wish we would have taken some photos with Michelle!) 

 Here are the prints I used! 

Aren't baby showers so stinking fun? <3 nbsp="" p="">

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