Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's OK...

It's OK...
-That my daughter is terrified of the carousel (see above photo) 
-That I am secretly glad (most days) that I can wear scrubs 3 days a week... takes the pressure of an "outfit" off
-That we have eaten left overs for 3 days and counting
-To consider "peanut butter" a food group
-To also consider "chocolate" a food group
-To not wear a full face of makeup every day
-That my kid watches TV... sue me
-That I have watched Downton Abbey (every.single.season.) at least 3 times 
-That I'm pretty sure my toddler has had more shoes in her life than I have currently
-To just want school to be over with already!
-To need to call your mom
-To take some time for yourself
-That I painted my nails even though nursing school tells me not to
-That I didn't workout on Saturday Morning. 

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