Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Sister

A lot of people have been asking me how I feel about my sister going back on "Survivor". You see, my sister Kelly (yes, she REALLY is my sister) was on the VERY FIRST season of "Survivor". She was the runner up. She got second. Essentially we all (her friends and family) feel like she was robbed and it basically came down to choosing a number between 1 and 10. She chose 3. She has been asked to go back several times but only recently agreed after thinking about it and talking it over with our family for a solid 2 weeks before saying yes. 
My sister is the most bad-ass person I know. She really really is. After her first run on "Survivor" she was the host of a show in E! called "Celebrity Adventures" where she took people like Alyson Hannigan, the O'Connell brothers, Molly Shannon, and Jessica Biel on trips. My favorite was when she was in Papua New Guinea and one of the tribesmen was astonished (and grossed out) by my sister's tongue ring... he had a SPIKE through his chin and yet was grossed out by a tongue ring. ANYWAY my sister has done pretty much everything that is considered awesome and adventurous.

(true story, I still have this swimsuit)

One day in 2000, my mom was browsing the CBS website while she was at work (caught you mom) and stumbled across some information for a new show called, "Survivor". Of course my mom thought my sister would be perfect for it because it was just SO HER. I remember driving to Salt Lake City for her to audition. I remember a camera crew coming to our home to film her (and us) and my mom getting fresh Krispy Kreme's for the camera crew. I remember SCRAMBLING the night before she left to find her a bathing suit and we ended up at Target and getting her a horrible pink tankini (I still have it....). For the record, my sister HATES pink. Of course I had to make her wear a pink dress on my wedding day. I remember when she left not thinking really anything of it. Yeah, ok. She will be back in 6 weeks and OF COURSE she is going to win. I remember when she called after she got off the island. I remember picking her up from the airport. She even went with me to my 8th grade promotional dance because the theme was "Survivor".

(also true story, I used to steal that head wrap from her all the time hahaha) 

I remember when we were both pregnant and my mom suggested that both her and I got on the "blood vs water" season and I told my mom that we would probably kill each other. It would have made for good TV but with all the hormones there would have definitely been some drama (ha). My sister and I are about as different as we could possibly be. But I think that's what makes me love her so much. She is everything I'm not! I remember her trying to get me to swim in the ocean (which I am terrified of) and she was literally carrying me to get me into the ocean and she stepped on a sea urchin. A sea urchin! So much for trying to get me to be adventurous.

So, am I excited she is going back? Yes! Am I nervous for her? Yes! Do I think she will win? Yes! If you are the praying type- I ask you to keep her in your thoughts, or send her good vibes.
My favorite quote from Kelly after she did the first Survivor is, "The Island wasn't about surviving the elements or the people; it was about surviving yourself. And I did."
And I know she will do it again.

If you would like, she is on social media. Her Facebook page is Kelly Wiglesworth Official and her twitter is @kellywigles (obviously she will be MIA from those for awhile)

Team Kelly for life

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