Friday, May 29, 2015

Favorite Bath Products

Self confessed product junkie here. Seriously, someone needs to pay me to try out all of their products- is that even a job? If so, someone hire me. After I had Charlotte I made it a goal to shower EVERY SINGLE DAY. If I did nothing else while having a new born, I would do that much. Today, as I was getting ready and she was playing in my cabinets I was reminiscing on how I used to put her in her bouncy chair or only shower when she napped. Oh, how the times have changed. But, I digress.  Here are some of my current favorite products for the shower/after the shower. Pretty much what I love to use daily.

#1. Dry Bar Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner 
Holy Hannah, this stuff is so so good. It's only meant to be used a few times a week but man does it WORK. I first tried it out as a sample and I am hooked! My hair is ALWAYS super soft, manageable, and just plain gorgeous after I used this. Want to know a secret? ONE of the tricks to a good blow out is to dry your hair RIGHT AFTER you get out of the shower. I'm talking max 10 minutes after you shower. (For me I do my skin care and moisturize and I'm right to blow drying). If you haven't tried it please go do it. I'm OBSESSED with this brand. I love everything I have tried. Currently I have their Texas Tea shampoo and conditioner, hot toddy (their styling cream), and their triple sec (hair refresher). I haven't been disappointed with a single thing I have tried. Find it HERE

#2. L'Occitane Almond shower oil

So, confession. I don't use this as my "shower gel" I use it as my shaving "cream". It's the bomb. I use the oil as well but I feel like it just goes so fast and isn't worth the price tag (sorry L'Occitane, I still love you lots). But THIS is worth it. You only need a few drops to do your whole leg so it lasts for forever and it smells DIVINE. I'm obsessed. The consistency might throw you off at first because it doesn't bubble exactly, it just foams. Sephora has mini trial size ones for $9.50 and those last me for a few months. Find it HERE

#3. Bloke body scrub 
I have tried SO MANY body scrubs but this one right here is a keeper. (I also love the Shea Moisture one's from Target as a stand by if this is in the mail for a few days). I have tried EVERY SINGLE scrub that Bloke makes and they are ALL amazing. But the vanilla chai one is my favorite to boot. I get those horrible bumps on my arms every now and then and using a scrub helps zap those puppies away. And besides, who doesn't want baby soft skin? I know I sure do! Find it HERE 

#5. Dove 
Yes, I use drug store products. My grandmother ALWAYS used dove soap and my mom ALWAYS uses it too. Needless to say I use it as well. It's a ride or die product for me. It's inexpensive, it is super moisturizing, and they have super fun scents. Although the original (bar) always reminds me of my grandma. 

#6. Kiehls creme de corpse soy milk and honey whipped body butter
I have the worst dry skin there ever was and living in a super dry climate doesn't help one bit. I feel like I have tried every single lotion and concoction there is to help my skin but THIS is the only thing that works for me. I started using it when I was pregnant with Charlotte and stopped for a little bit and tried other things but there is just no comparison. It's the best. And it smells heavenly. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! Best lotion I have ever used hands down. Find it HERE

#7. Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo: Mango Coconut 
So, here's the deal. Most traditional dry shampoos suck for me because I have really really dark hair. Even the ones made for dark hair suck. This is the best AND the best smelling dry shampoo I have used to date. I can't wait to try their other scents! And I love that it's a spray... HELLO not as messy! It's my favorite thing to use the day after I use my DryBar shampoo. Because, lets be honest... having to wash and dry your hair everyday is such a stinking pain. 

What are your favorite products? What haven't I tried that I need!?!? 

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