Friday, May 29, 2015

Boulder Boulder

Fun fact about me- I hate to run. Also fun fact about me- I was on the track team in high school (true story). I called myself "Sea-biscuit" because I ran for the conditioning mostly and I ALWAYS came in last (unless it was a relay- thanks ladies for pick up my slow slack!) But I really have horrible knees and I am a terribly over pronator so running is painful for me (and lets get honest I look super awkward doing it- see photos) ANYWAY, last year I ran the Boulder Boulder and I seriously was in pain for days. WHY IN THE WORLD DID I SIGN UP FOR IT AGAIN!? To prove to myself that I can do it and that I can do better each time. And my friend Brooke was running it with me so yeah basically it was a give-in. It seriously went by so fast! Last year I remember it taking for forever but we hardly walked any of it. Next year my goal is to run the entire thing. My knees hurt for about a day but nothing like they did last year. It was so fun I would totally keep doing it if we stayed here. (Yes, I ran the entire thing with my phone in my hand. Mostly I brought it to take photos and see where Devin was... I wasn't the only one who did that.) Anyway- I woke up that morning and I really didn't want to do it. But as soon as we started going I started having fun. I kept telling myself that I could do it and that I NEED to do something everyday that scares me. Running scares me because I am terrible at it. Mile 1 everything was so good! We had a pretty good pace and we were feeling fine. Mile 2 was about the same and then once we hit mile 3 I started to get hot, mile 4 was rough- that's when my knees started hurting. Brooke's boyfriend joined us at mile 4 and right after mile 5 Devin and Charlotte were off to the side waiting for me. They were cheering me on and Devin said, "Don't walk!" so we finished strong. My official time was 1:22:16 and my pace was around 13 minutes a mile which is super slow but HEY at least I did it. My offical "place" was 29,053 hahahahaha but I'm still proud of myself. Enjoy some photos! 


(Mile 2) 

(don't hate me for posting these Brooke!) 

(This is my favorite photo) 

(this must be mile 4- it was rough lol) 

(about to cross the finish line- can you find me? I'm below the B) 

(crossed it! lower left corner) 

(PS My shirt says, "I run because I really like cupcakes"... duh) 

Thanks for running it with me Brooke! Let's do it again next year! 

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