Friday, May 29, 2015

Boulder Boulder

Fun fact about me- I hate to run. Also fun fact about me- I was on the track team in high school (true story). I called myself "Sea-biscuit" because I ran for the conditioning mostly and I ALWAYS came in last (unless it was a relay- thanks ladies for pick up my slow slack!) But I really have horrible knees and I am a terribly over pronator so running is painful for me (and lets get honest I look super awkward doing it- see photos) ANYWAY, last year I ran the Boulder Boulder and I seriously was in pain for days. WHY IN THE WORLD DID I SIGN UP FOR IT AGAIN!? To prove to myself that I can do it and that I can do better each time. And my friend Brooke was running it with me so yeah basically it was a give-in. It seriously went by so fast! Last year I remember it taking for forever but we hardly walked any of it. Next year my goal is to run the entire thing. My knees hurt for about a day but nothing like they did last year. It was so fun I would totally keep doing it if we stayed here. (Yes, I ran the entire thing with my phone in my hand. Mostly I brought it to take photos and see where Devin was... I wasn't the only one who did that.) Anyway- I woke up that morning and I really didn't want to do it. But as soon as we started going I started having fun. I kept telling myself that I could do it and that I NEED to do something everyday that scares me. Running scares me because I am terrible at it. Mile 1 everything was so good! We had a pretty good pace and we were feeling fine. Mile 2 was about the same and then once we hit mile 3 I started to get hot, mile 4 was rough- that's when my knees started hurting. Brooke's boyfriend joined us at mile 4 and right after mile 5 Devin and Charlotte were off to the side waiting for me. They were cheering me on and Devin said, "Don't walk!" so we finished strong. My official time was 1:22:16 and my pace was around 13 minutes a mile which is super slow but HEY at least I did it. My offical "place" was 29,053 hahahahaha but I'm still proud of myself. Enjoy some photos! 


(Mile 2) 

(don't hate me for posting these Brooke!) 

(This is my favorite photo) 

(this must be mile 4- it was rough lol) 

(about to cross the finish line- can you find me? I'm below the B) 

(crossed it! lower left corner) 

(PS My shirt says, "I run because I really like cupcakes"... duh) 

Thanks for running it with me Brooke! Let's do it again next year! 

Favorite Bath Products

Self confessed product junkie here. Seriously, someone needs to pay me to try out all of their products- is that even a job? If so, someone hire me. After I had Charlotte I made it a goal to shower EVERY SINGLE DAY. If I did nothing else while having a new born, I would do that much. Today, as I was getting ready and she was playing in my cabinets I was reminiscing on how I used to put her in her bouncy chair or only shower when she napped. Oh, how the times have changed. But, I digress.  Here are some of my current favorite products for the shower/after the shower. Pretty much what I love to use daily.

#1. Dry Bar Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner 
Holy Hannah, this stuff is so so good. It's only meant to be used a few times a week but man does it WORK. I first tried it out as a sample and I am hooked! My hair is ALWAYS super soft, manageable, and just plain gorgeous after I used this. Want to know a secret? ONE of the tricks to a good blow out is to dry your hair RIGHT AFTER you get out of the shower. I'm talking max 10 minutes after you shower. (For me I do my skin care and moisturize and I'm right to blow drying). If you haven't tried it please go do it. I'm OBSESSED with this brand. I love everything I have tried. Currently I have their Texas Tea shampoo and conditioner, hot toddy (their styling cream), and their triple sec (hair refresher). I haven't been disappointed with a single thing I have tried. Find it HERE

#2. L'Occitane Almond shower oil

So, confession. I don't use this as my "shower gel" I use it as my shaving "cream". It's the bomb. I use the oil as well but I feel like it just goes so fast and isn't worth the price tag (sorry L'Occitane, I still love you lots). But THIS is worth it. You only need a few drops to do your whole leg so it lasts for forever and it smells DIVINE. I'm obsessed. The consistency might throw you off at first because it doesn't bubble exactly, it just foams. Sephora has mini trial size ones for $9.50 and those last me for a few months. Find it HERE

#3. Bloke body scrub 
I have tried SO MANY body scrubs but this one right here is a keeper. (I also love the Shea Moisture one's from Target as a stand by if this is in the mail for a few days). I have tried EVERY SINGLE scrub that Bloke makes and they are ALL amazing. But the vanilla chai one is my favorite to boot. I get those horrible bumps on my arms every now and then and using a scrub helps zap those puppies away. And besides, who doesn't want baby soft skin? I know I sure do! Find it HERE 

#5. Dove 
Yes, I use drug store products. My grandmother ALWAYS used dove soap and my mom ALWAYS uses it too. Needless to say I use it as well. It's a ride or die product for me. It's inexpensive, it is super moisturizing, and they have super fun scents. Although the original (bar) always reminds me of my grandma. 

#6. Kiehls creme de corpse soy milk and honey whipped body butter
I have the worst dry skin there ever was and living in a super dry climate doesn't help one bit. I feel like I have tried every single lotion and concoction there is to help my skin but THIS is the only thing that works for me. I started using it when I was pregnant with Charlotte and stopped for a little bit and tried other things but there is just no comparison. It's the best. And it smells heavenly. Pricey? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely! Best lotion I have ever used hands down. Find it HERE

#7. Alterna Cleanse Extend Translucent Dry Shampoo: Mango Coconut 
So, here's the deal. Most traditional dry shampoos suck for me because I have really really dark hair. Even the ones made for dark hair suck. This is the best AND the best smelling dry shampoo I have used to date. I can't wait to try their other scents! And I love that it's a spray... HELLO not as messy! It's my favorite thing to use the day after I use my DryBar shampoo. Because, lets be honest... having to wash and dry your hair everyday is such a stinking pain. 

What are your favorite products? What haven't I tried that I need!?!? 

Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Sister

A lot of people have been asking me how I feel about my sister going back on "Survivor". You see, my sister Kelly (yes, she REALLY is my sister) was on the VERY FIRST season of "Survivor". She was the runner up. She got second. Essentially we all (her friends and family) feel like she was robbed and it basically came down to choosing a number between 1 and 10. She chose 3. She has been asked to go back several times but only recently agreed after thinking about it and talking it over with our family for a solid 2 weeks before saying yes. 
My sister is the most bad-ass person I know. She really really is. After her first run on "Survivor" she was the host of a show in E! called "Celebrity Adventures" where she took people like Alyson Hannigan, the O'Connell brothers, Molly Shannon, and Jessica Biel on trips. My favorite was when she was in Papua New Guinea and one of the tribesmen was astonished (and grossed out) by my sister's tongue ring... he had a SPIKE through his chin and yet was grossed out by a tongue ring. ANYWAY my sister has done pretty much everything that is considered awesome and adventurous.

(true story, I still have this swimsuit)

One day in 2000, my mom was browsing the CBS website while she was at work (caught you mom) and stumbled across some information for a new show called, "Survivor". Of course my mom thought my sister would be perfect for it because it was just SO HER. I remember driving to Salt Lake City for her to audition. I remember a camera crew coming to our home to film her (and us) and my mom getting fresh Krispy Kreme's for the camera crew. I remember SCRAMBLING the night before she left to find her a bathing suit and we ended up at Target and getting her a horrible pink tankini (I still have it....). For the record, my sister HATES pink. Of course I had to make her wear a pink dress on my wedding day. I remember when she left not thinking really anything of it. Yeah, ok. She will be back in 6 weeks and OF COURSE she is going to win. I remember when she called after she got off the island. I remember picking her up from the airport. She even went with me to my 8th grade promotional dance because the theme was "Survivor".

(also true story, I used to steal that head wrap from her all the time hahaha) 

I remember when we were both pregnant and my mom suggested that both her and I got on the "blood vs water" season and I told my mom that we would probably kill each other. It would have made for good TV but with all the hormones there would have definitely been some drama (ha). My sister and I are about as different as we could possibly be. But I think that's what makes me love her so much. She is everything I'm not! I remember her trying to get me to swim in the ocean (which I am terrified of) and she was literally carrying me to get me into the ocean and she stepped on a sea urchin. A sea urchin! So much for trying to get me to be adventurous.

So, am I excited she is going back? Yes! Am I nervous for her? Yes! Do I think she will win? Yes! If you are the praying type- I ask you to keep her in your thoughts, or send her good vibes.
My favorite quote from Kelly after she did the first Survivor is, "The Island wasn't about surviving the elements or the people; it was about surviving yourself. And I did."
And I know she will do it again.

If you would like, she is on social media. Her Facebook page is Kelly Wiglesworth Official and her twitter is @kellywigles (obviously she will be MIA from those for awhile)

Team Kelly for life

Sunday, May 24, 2015

On Judging

If you haven't ever done a "meyers-briggs" survey... go do one right now. It can tell you a lot about yourself. One of the things that I "learned"/already knew about myself is the "judging" part. My teacher assured us that that is how we made decisions. We decide based on our judgements. I will admit it- as much as I try I kind of am a judgy person (Yeah I know "judgy" isn't a real word but it just sounds good for this purpose). So it might come as a surprise to most that I ASKED to be put into a jail for one of my clinicals this quarter. Yep, I CHOSE to be there. I had heard such good things about being a student at a jail. In fact when I had my interview for nursing school I remember hearing a girl from Quarter 6 (my current quarter) raving about her jail experience. So, when we got the email about where we wanted to go for community health I did not hesitate to volunteer myself to go. (I did talk to the clinical office, my husband, and my mother before hand). I am lucky and was able to get the clinical a that I wanted for this quarter. That was until my first clinical at the jailed rolled around and I was a hot mess. I seriously cried the entire 30 minute drive to the jail.
"I can't believe I chose to go to this place!"
"What if someone mugs me on my way in!?"
"What if an inmate stole a pen and I get shanked!?"
The longer the drive the more irrational I became. I pulled up to the county jail trembling and blubbering and texting my husband that I loved him no matter what. Sitting in my car, I decided to give myself a pep talk. A "girl you got this thang" talk... It went a little something like this....

Ok, don't freak, don't freak out, don't freak out too much. Everyone else who has come here has loved it. I was assured by the sherif I interviewed with and the clinical office that I would never be alone. If I don't feel safe they will move me to another facility.

I took a few deep breaths, said another prayer (probably my hundreth by this point) and my pep talk turned into something different...

Ok, there will be some "bad" people here- you know that... Yes, you are at a jail- don't forget where you are at. Your job is to treat what is in front of you. Your job is not to judge. These people are still people. Maybe they have made some bad decisions, maybe they have mad some really really bad decisions but that isn't my business. My job is to be their nurse. Not their friend, not their enemy, not their condemner. You are there to help. Whatever you are faced with today, you can do it.

So, I walked into that jail still completely terrified but resolved to be the best nurse I could be. And you know what? This is probably the best clinical experience I have had to date. I have had a little bit of everything. Lots of meds to pass, lots of vitals to take, lots of wounds to dress. Most of the inmates are super respectful, "yes ma'am" and "thank you, ma'am". There is always another health care worker with me and/or a deputy (Side note: isn't the word deputy fun to say? I say it every chance I get when I am there. "Deputy! You can send the next patient in now! DEPUTY! Do you want some of my trail mix?) Are there rude patients? Sure. Are there inmates who are super inappropriate? Oh goodness yes. But I've run into rude and inappropriate patients lots of times before. These people are still PEOPLE. Do you have to have a bit of tough skin to work with some of these inmates? Yeah. Especially when they are withdrawing and telling you that they "just want to F---ing die!" and they get violent really quickly. I am doing my best to treat them with dignity and respect and still see them as patients. Side note: It's so sad to see that the jails/prisons have become the new "mental health" wards/clinics. 90% of the patients I see would say have some sort of mental health related issue.

"Treat what's in front of you, it's not your place to judge" has become my mantra. Regardless of working at the jail or not I am going to try so so hard to apply that no matter where I end up.
My job is to be the nurse

Friday, May 22, 2015

On having a daughter

There is just something so special about having a little girl. I always always always wanted a daughter. I used to imagine what she would look like, how she would act, how I would dress her. And you know what? It's even more fun than I imagined. Watching this littler person grow is the biggest privilege I have ever been given. It tears my heart into pieces that the years are now FLYING by but they are the best ones yet. Sure, it's way more fun shopping for her than for myself (HELLOOOOOO so much cuter stuff) but she is at the age where she can start doing all of the things I always dreamed of doing with my daughter. DANCE LESSONS! SWIMMING! SHOPPING! NAILS! HAIR! She is such a fun mix of Devin and I (although, she LOOKS just like him). It still shocks me when I see photos of us together. I am dark, and she is as fair as they come. But she is still mine. Our attitudes are very similar (help me!). Devin always says, "She may look like Daddy but she acts like Mommy!" She loves to go shopping, all the Disney princesses, baby dolls, pink, and anything sparkly. But she still loves the outdoors like her daddy. She loves to help him outside with watering the plants and playing in the dirt. She also loves sleeping bags, dragons, and ninja turtles. She definitely goes through phases as to which parent is her favorite (usually it's whoever gives in!) My girl loves shoes. ANY shoes. She loves to put on Mommy's shoes and walk around the house. She also loves to try and get her doll shoes on her feet and she gets frustrated when they don't fit. I have a feeling she will be able to sympathize with all those characters in Cinderella who couldn't get the glass slipper to fit. She is testing the waters of independence. It's kind of scary how much she really DOESN'T need me anymore. She can get her own snacks, she doesn't think she needs to hold my hand as much anymore, and wants to dress herself. I find myself being pushing slowly and slowly away as she figures out who she is. Maybe that's how this whole parenting gig will be?
Me helping her along as she figures things out for herself? I still rely on my mom a lot but it's kind of sad that someday she really won't need me at all (or at least it feels like that). I just want to keep her little for forever! This season of life is challenging but it's so so beautiful. Having little people in your home is a joy I never knew until recently. Hearing giggles and  her little feet running upstairs as she plays with Lucy. Watching her snuggle her daddy. Walking into her room and seeing her sitting in her rocking chair with her babies "reading" to them. All the feels guys, all the feels. My little girl is always so concerned when someone is sad. Especially babies. Her new thing is to ask, "What happened?" She is such a sensitive little soul. I love that she never gives up trying. I love that she loves her blankies. I love that everything we do these days is "TIME!"... "BREAKFAST TIME"... "NAPPY TIME"... "POTTY TIME"... "CAR RIDE TIME"... She is my joy.

{If you are curious my dress is from JCrew and my shoes are NineWest. Charlotte's dress is Baby Gap and her shoes are from Gymboree} 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Freshly Picked Review and a Surprise!

{HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO CHARLOTTE AN DDEVIN! I will be reading THIS  post at least 3 times today and crying my eyes out while she naps today.... }

True story, I have been lusting over this brand even before I ever became pregnant. When they went on SHARK TANK I waited with bated breath as they worked out a deal. When Charlotte got her first pair of moccasins last year I knew we had made the right choice. Perfect for little baby feet! Um, and they just recently came out with crib moccasins which are perfect for bringing baby home in! I so wish they had had those when C was born. These are literally the perfect baby shoe. Easy to put on, stylish and THEY DON'T SLIP OFF EITHER! Which is hugely important- especially for my child who would run around barefoot 24/7 if we let her (daddy would). Freshly Picked moccasins come in TONS of gorgeous colors (our favorites are The House that Lars Built (shown) and the Heirloom collection) and they are always dropping a new fun line! (UM... also... they are having a sale today... just sayin'... if you want some head over there ASAP!) These moccasins are sturdy, well made, and hold up nicely with all the craziness that toddlers get into. And Charlotte loves them. Every time I tell her to go get her shoes she goes for her moccasins! 
So, for Charlotte's special day today we have decided to give away a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins on my Instagram account {SURPRISE!}- please see there for more details if you would like to enter (giveaway runs from May 20th-May 31st, winner will be contacted directly). @whitneyzufelt.  But even if you don't win, go order some now. you definitely won't be disappointed.  SALE LAUNCHES AT 10  MST so don't miss it. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Almost 2

Dear Charlotte,

You are almost 2... but not quite. I am going to hang on to the "one" as long as I can (ahem, 2 more days- cue the tears). How is it that your first year seemed so long (because let's be honest- that baby stage was hard for me!) but this past year has just flown by? Time is such a thief. I get so sad thinking about how everything just keeps slipping away. The other day I called grandma and cried about how before we know it you will be leaving us and going off to college! I know, we have a few years yet for that. But judging how fast your 2nd year of life went it will be here before I am ready. I am not ready for you to grow up. I'm just not. And I refuse to believe that you are a big girl. But the other night I accidentally left my cup of apple juice on your highchair tray while I handed something to daddy and you took my cup and drained the entire thing! In a big person's cup! I was in shock. I wasn't ready (or expecting) that one. You are so stinking smart it's ridiculous. You can count to 9! Actually you can count to 11 but somehow you forget 10. You are so verbal I have lost count of how many words you know. You can't quite jump yet but it's so funny to watch you try. You run and flap your arms, and your bum is the cutest bum in the whole wide world. Don't even get me started on your feet. I'm obsessed with your little feet! Which is probably why you have so many shoes. You love your daddy. You just absolutely adore him and it fills my heart watching you two together. You love to boss Lucy around. "Ceecee! COME ON!" You love to eat yogurt for breakfast. You ask for it daily even before I get you out of your crib. You love swimming (we are putting you in swim lessons this year! hooray!), coloring, going to the park, and Mickey Mouse. You are hesitant in new situations and wary of new people. That's ok, it just means that you are cautious and careful. When you hold my hand or ask for it, it's the best thing in the whole world. Sometimes you ask for me to hold your hand when we are driving in the car. It's pretty much my favorite thing in life. You have started saying, "excuse me" when someone is in your way, and "where are you!?" if you can't find us. You can do all the motions to "the its bitsy spider" and it just about makes my heart burst each time. Every night you want me to sing, "I am a Child of God", "Spider", "Twinkle" and "Sunshine". You are my big girl helper. You love to throw away trash, blow your nose, dust, vacuum, and clean up your messes (for the most part). You love being "mommy" to your baby dolls, and lately on our walks you HAVE to take your baby doll stroller with you. You also love to collect rocks (or treasures as you call them). When I cry, you give me hugs and kisses and tell me, "it's OK mama." You love to eat soup and homemade bread. You also love my homemade pasta sauce. You will eat burgers but you aren't a fan of chicken. You love to steal my phone and pretend you are calling grandma. "Hello? Grandma? It's for you." Once a week we try and go out on a "Mommy and Charlotte date" and you love them just as much as I do. You love going to Target but mostly because we let you pick a prize from the dollar section when we go. You also love Sephora, and pretty much anything that is shiny and breakable. I still check on you every single night before I go to sleep and I just can't believe how big you are. You are the most beautiful thing in my life. I am so thankful for you and all you have taught me. No one makes me happier or makes me crazier than you and your daddy but I wouldn't want it any other way. I hope you know that no one loves you like daddy and I do. You are our angel baby. And you always will be.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Charlotte's Birthday Party

Quick, mostly photos, post of C's bday bash. It was supposed to be both Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse for both Devin and Charlotte (more specifically "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse") but it turned into just Minnie (sorry honey). She had so much fun. And she loved having a hot diggity dog for the very first time.

 (purchased this banner from etsy)

(balloons from 

(one of the only things I made for her party) 

(banner bought on etsy- I don't think anyone noticed this one haha) 

(pull string pinatas are the best) 

(the second and last thing I made for the party) 

(I purchased a cupcake stand and cupcake toppers before we decided to do a costco cake- I still wanted to use what I bought so we used mini solo cups and put mini m&ms inside- they were a big hit!) 

(close up of the pompom banner! i'm so proud of this) 

(we had chili dogs {or plain hot dogs for the kids} watermelon, chips, drinks and... cake!) 

(so grateful for nice weather today! and for all of our friends who came and hung out!) 

(post piƱata!) 

(her faces crack me up) 

Thank you (once again) to everyone who came and made our little family feel special! It was so nice to be surrounded by people we love and celebrate the most important people in my life.