Friday, April 24, 2015

What makes me awesome

Have you ever been browsing FaceBook and come across an article that one of your friends has posted and it pretty much just makes you feel like crap? That you are the worst person ever? No? Ok, well I have and if you haven't then a big ginormous high five to you! It's because of this that I have vowed to no longer read anything regarding parenting, vaccinations, or anything that would just make me feel awful. I hate feeling awful don't you? And you know what, when I think about it, I'm a pretty dang good bad @$$ (sorry mormon friends who are offended by that statement there just isn't a better term). When I start to feel bad about myself, who I am, the mother I am, the wife that I am... I start to mentally "click" through my list of awesomeness... (You may also call this post the "toot my own horn" post)

Here is what makes me a bad @$$....
-I make bomb baked goods: Seriously, it's something I really pride myself on! 
-I can french braid like no other! I used to do everyone's hair (except my own) back in my cheerleading days...
-I can play the piano. Not perfectly, but I can do it!
-My homemade spaghetti sauce is pretty amazing (if I do say so myself)
-I can change a diaper in 10 seconds (if I have to) 
-I am an extremely good motivator 
-If you were to drop on the ground right now... right in front of me, I could run the code that could save your life (not that I would want to... but I am qualified! ACLS baby!)
-I am so stinking good at taking manual blood pressures (for reals though) 
-I am not afraid to tell it like it is
-I pride myself on being a pretty good gift giver

Hey, I may not be awesome at everything but I am pretty dang awesome at some things. You each have something that makes you awesome and that you totally rock at! Maybe you make the best chicken noodle soup! Maybe you are a champion bed maker (I'm not). Maybe you craft like Martha Stewart. Go you! So, stop comparing yourself to others. You AND the girl next to you can both be awesome. Isn't that great? Who cares if someone is prettier, skinnier, or has more than you do? Be yourself and start remembering what makes you a bad @$$.
You do you! And rock it.

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