Friday, February 13, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day + My Charlotte these days

This quick and unprofessional photoshoot is brought to you by... popcorn. She was eating popcorn the whole time. And my camera settings were on auto. Sue me.

Oh my little Charlotte Alivia. She is right on her way to being 2 and I just can't believe it. Once she started creeping up on 18 months I started to get really baby hungry (don't get your hopes too hight...) And then she started pitching fits and then I got over it (it still creeps up every now and then). But this girl, I tell you what. She is so stinkin' smart. And endearing. She might be a diva every now and again but then she just smiles at you, gives you a kiss, and you just melt. MELT! Her language has just exploded at home, it's amazing. She is interested in potty training without any prompting from us. (She has pooped and peed in the potty! Can I geta fit bump!?) And she is OBSESSED with all things Disney (oh, there I am in this child!) She knows what "let's go get ice cream" means, which I fully blame on Devin. She gives hugs, and kisses, and tried to ride Lucy like a horse (I also blame that one on my husband). She tries so hard to help mommy clean and doesn't like ANYTHING yucky on any floor. She will pick the wood chips up off of the play set at the park and hand them to me... Her new favorite word is, "TRASH!"

She loves babies. BABY mama, BABY! She tries really hard to sing our songs with me. She has ALL of her 2 year old molars. She doesn't like quesadillas, grilled cheese, or HAMBURGERS... but she will eat a pulled pork sandwich, roasted red pepper tortellini, and TURKEY burgers (with edamame!)  She will lead you to the fridge if she is hungry, tell you that she wants to go for a walk or "oooww-siiiigh" if she wants to go play (and tries to open the door). She loves to yell "AMEN" during church. Not to mention she folds her little arms for prayers. She loves books, stuffed animals, and bath time. We practically have to drag her out of the tub. She tries really hard to put on her own shoes but does better putting on mommy and daddy's. Some of my favorite things she says are...

-Ccceeeeeeeceeee (Lucy)
-Eat eat eat
-Hungy (hungry)
-Diapy (diaper)
-Buh bye! (not just bye, it's buh bye!) 
-Paaaay! (play) 
-Doc (refers to her doctor toys or doc mcstuffins)
-Ella (Cinderella)
-Nigh Nigh (goodnight)
-I-oo-uuuu (I love you)
-Uggg (hug) 
-Good girl
-Runway (as in project runway- that's all me)
-Teeth (the girl loves to brush her teeth!)

Ok, so she knows way more words than that and pretty much every word she knows is my favorite. Because her being able to talk and communicate is just too fun. 
It's so fun watching her grow and learn. She just amazes me every day with the things she knows and comprehends. Keep growing my sweet smart girl! You are so loved! XO

Hooray it's almost Valentine's Day! Happy love day friends. 

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Diane's Photography said...

Awe, Whitney I miss you! you little one is adorable and so much fun! I'm loving you blog and you!