Monday, December 15, 2014

Rudolph Wreath

This is a super (SUUUUUPER) short and easy post. 
Ok, it's a little late in the season BUT if you are a procrastinator and/or keep your decorations up longer than most people (ours come down practically right after the gifts are opened), then here is a little more holiday cheer for you! I saw something similar on pinterest and just KNEW that I needed to recreate it (especially after Michael's didn't have what I wanted). I totally like this better than my original plan. And BONUS: Husband likes it too. It's always better when your husband appreciates your craftiness. 

2 rolls of 10 yard burlap or mesh (I used gold mesh)
Metal wreath
Red ornaments
2 decorative branches 
Hot glue gun

To make!
Unfortunately I didn't get a photo before I started busting out my wreath... BUT I followed THIS easy youtube video and it was ridiculously easy (but looks pretty fancy). 
Then I just hot glued my ornament for the nose, made a quick bow, and placed the branches where I wanted them and glued them in place. So. Easy. And it makes me smile every time I come through the door. Merry Christmas my friends! 

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