Friday, December 5, 2014

Glitter Rudolph Ornament

There is just something about the holidays that make me want to CRAFT. And thank goodness because during my pregnancy I had a total craft aversion. So getting back into my creative side has been oh so nice! I really wanted to make a Rudolph to hang on my front door (stay tuned...) but Michael's didn't have what I wanted/needed BUT they did have these tiny ones and I fell in love. I knew just wanted I wanted to do. It's want I wanted for our door but just smaller! These are seriously so easy. I did these AND my wreath AND listened to my MedSurg II lecture while Charlotte napped. They look great on my Christmas tree but... I am planning on making more to give to friends (friends act surprised when I give you one). Happy crafting! If you end up making these let me know! I want to see! These would be darling in GOLD (oh... that's an idea :-) 

To make you'll need:
-Mini reindeer cutouts (Michaels)
-Small red (or other color) bells
-Mod Podge (I didn't realize until I oped it that I bought the wrong kind... but it still worked!)
-Glue gun!

To make:
1. Paint the mod podge on to the reindeer
2. Cover with glitter
3. Let dry
4. Hot glue jute to the back for hanging
5. Hot glue jingle bell nose on
6. Hang on tree
7. ENJOY! 

Also, if your husband hates glitter like mine does... be sure to clean up your glitter mess as best you can before he gets home ;-) 

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That turned out really cute!