Saturday, August 2, 2014

Let's talk about eyebrows...

I remember the day I started plucking my eyebrows. It was a bit before most of my friends started doing it (I also started shaving my legs at a very young age.) Blame it on my ridiculously dark hair but the unibrow started creeping on me early. I snuck my mom's tweezers out of her drawer while she was at work and I went to town on those bad boys (once I even shaved, SHAVED! between my eyebrows). 
A few weeks ago a discussion was started by my HS friend Erica about whether or not girls filled in their brows. 
I was one of the few who did fill in their brows.
It's true, my hair is dark and my brows are dark so I never really thought of filling in that random hair above my eyes. UNTIL my friend Katrina did it (HEEEEY) for a photo shoot I did with the always amazing Tonya Joy Photography. It was like, a whole new world. 
My eyebrows suddenly took on a personality of their own.
Flash forward to my very first nursing clinical this week (exhausting!)...
My patient and I started discussing eyebrows and how she scares her grandchildren until she "puts on her eyebrows" (this is how I knew we were going to get along).
I even helped her fill in her eyebrows!

Eyebrows my friends... they make a difference! 
They are, of course, sisters and not twins (in case you were wondering)
Now, I'm definitely not suggesting that everyone NEEDS to start sculpting their eyebrows ASAP
What I AM saying is that if you haven't tried it-don't knock it. 
You just might become a huge fan (like ME!) 
I am easy peasy when it comes to filling in my brows because I am super limited on time.
Read: I pretty much do the same thing to my face every day during the week. 
In fact, I was only doing it every Sunday when I had the time to REALLY focus on my makeup
Now, I have become even more "brow-lazy" and started to use benefit's "gimme brow" and I LOOOOOVE it. Someday when I have more time- I will be investing in the Anastacia Brow Kit (stencils and all!) because having good eyebrows is like beauty crack.

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Kirsty and Seth said...

Oh my goodness, I hear you! I'm trying to grow mine back to their full thickness but every time I try it I give in and pluck again! They really don't grow quickly. I have never over plucked but would like them to be thicker than they are. When I look back on photos of me as a child they are the exact shape I want now! What colour gimme brow do you use? I've been using body shop's brow kit for years but am tempted to try gimme brow. Even on no make up days I can't leave the house without having done my brows :)

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