Wednesday, July 16, 2014

My Summer Makeup MUST HAVE'S!

Just a quick catch up- I should be studying right now... but this quarter, I am already "anti". How can I already be jaded when I'm not even half way through? Probably because it's summer. And all I want to do is go and play and have fun. NOT STUDY! Alas, Charlotte and I got sick this weekend and Devin is working nights. Hurray for us. If you follow me on Instagram you know that Charlotte is now HUGE and WALKING like a champ. But, ya know, school is good. 
ANYWAY- that's not what this post is about. This post is about my favorite thing. Ever.
Mom flew out here for a couple of days during my break and I swear we could have been at Sephora every single day and not get sick of it. It's magical there. I bought and tried some AMAZING products. My SIL emailed me the other week and said she missed my blogs- (is it weird that I totally write blog posts in my head? Like... what I would say?) So, without further ado, this is my list of what you NEED in your makeup bag this summer. These are the products I would use if I were going to the beach, pool, farmer's market... anywhere. Totally minimal and beautiful. And if you don't believe me, hit up your local Sephora and ask for a sample. 

You guys, for real- even you girls who don't like to wear make up will LOVE this. It seriously feels like you have nothing on your face. Mom and I both tried it and LOVE it. Light to medium coverage which is PERFECT for summertime AND it has SPF 30 and BONUS you cannot smell the SPF. You skin will look dewy and gorgeous and not over done. My other favorites are Bareskin by BareMinerals (AMAZEBALLS) and Boscia BB cream. 

So, I went into Sephora searching for the most perfect bronzer (You guys KNOW how I hate bronzers in general because girls get way too heavy handed and they start looking like they smeared Doritos on their faces...) I tried one from Make-up forever, I tried one from NARS (love you NARS, mean it), I tried Benefit's Hoola (which, by the way, Ulta has a warning label on their website that Hoola contains carcinogens... um... no thank you! So Hoola was out for me) and just none of them were right. Then... this came into my life as a sample because I wasn't ready to commit. I fell in love. And it's stupidly sold-out online and all the Sephora's that are close to me. If you can find one, get one. 

Because woman cannot live on bronzer alone... I picked this up on a whim (in poppy paradise) because I wanted something easy. I wanted to be able to do my makeup routine for going on the pool or whatever with just my fingers and not dirty up my brushes (too much). I put this lovely on my cheeks and it was exactly what I had been wanting. 

If you need a little bit of pretty sparkly in your life, this is your new best friend. I had never tried bareMinerals' eye color's before and now I am HOOKED! A little bit goes such a LONG way and the pigments are super pretty. I picked this up in nude beach and true gold. You can totally apply just a tiny amount with your finger tips to keep this look minimal. Here's a little tip- if you want your shimmer to be more dramatic use eye drops to wet your eyeshadow brush and apply! (Water will not really work- despite what they tell you. Eye drops work better!)


I know, I know. I do still love my Benefit "They're Real". But this mascara takes almost NO time to apply, your lashes won't feel super heavy and it's just gorgeous. I got this as a sample for my birthday and it's been fabulous. 

#6. Sephora Collection Ultra Shine Lip gloss
This is #25 Reflex Hot Coral. Charlotte loves Sephora (true story) and she loves playing with these lip glosses (I did, in fact, put some on her lips- judge all you like). This coral color is just gorgeous. That's all I have to say about it. Perfect amount of color and simmer. 

What's on your summer must-have list???
Miss this little space of mine. 
Hope to be back really soon!