Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Product Battle

I have a problem. A product problem. I LOVE trying new products. This is probably why Sephora is one of my happy places. SAMPLES! Before the glory of Sephora, I was introduced to the concept of "try before you buy" from the MAC counter. I had been using Bare Minerals foundation for YEARS (3 to be exact- and I still love it and have it always in my makeup bag by the way) and I wanted to have a liquid foundation in my arsenal. I had been frequenting the MAC counter for eye shadows and I got to talking to the girl at the counter and she offered to give me a sample of some foundation. And it was like a lightbulb went off in my mind. DUH! WHY had I never done this before? Or even asked to try foundation before I tried it? I had always gone in, matched my shade, and paid for it... and a lot of times not loving what I got (que Makeup Forever's HD foundation... don't get me wrong it was OK I just was not in love with it. Something about the consistency was just off for me... but I used it until it was gone. Can't waste money!) So a few weeks ago when I noticed that my MAC foundation was running low I decided that maybe I should try and branch out. At the top of my list were Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. A few years back in my search for the best concealer (ugh... benefit erase paste) I tried a Laura Mercier one (twice) and it was OK... not bad, not great. I have RIDICULOUS under eye circles and I always have even when I was a kid. I had heard great things about their tinted moisturizer but I felt like I needed more coverage. So into Sephora I went with C strapped on my chest in her Ergo and I asked the sales girl for a sample of the Laura Mercier foundation (oil free please). This experience was just all kinds of wrong. I told her that I wanted a sample because my skin is really sensitive and I didn't want to purchase without trying it first to make sure it didn't break me out. So she color matched MY CURRENT foundation (MISTAKE!!!!) and I told her that I thought it was way too dark and she said, "You are darker than you think." I said OK and she goes and grabs me the box to purchase it and I explained again, "No, I am not ready to purchase today I want to try it first please." She huffed and said, "well just so you know we only have one left in your shade and I don't know when we will be getting more back in." OK thanks. Sheesh. I was peeved but decided to head to Nordstrom to the Bobbi Brown counter anyway. A week before I had tried the "luminous" foundation and found that it was too much like a BB cream for my liking. I explained this to the girl at the counter and she asked if I wanted to try their long wearing foundation.  "YES PLEASE!" She explained that I might be better off wearing MAC if I wanted the matte look with fuller coverage as Bobbi products are meant to look like you aren't wearing anything. "That's more what I am looking for. Just my skin but better! And more coverage without it feeling too heavy." She color matched me THE CORRECT WAY, gave me a generous sample AND her card with my color on it and said, "If this doesn't work, come back and we will try the moisturizing foundation!" Much better experience there for sure. That aside, I went home with my two samples and had high hopes for Laura Mercier and not Bobbi Brown (I thought it wasn't going to be enough coverage for me). The next day I decided to try Laura Mercier first. I prepped and primed my skin, got the first little bit on and my initial thoughts were, "This stuff stinks and it's sticky!" but I kept going until my entire face was covered. My shade was completely wrong, and I looked (and felt) like I had a mask on. This might sound weird but my face FELT funny after putting it on. As soon as it was on I wanted it OFF. I washed my face and threw the rest of the sample in the trash. I prepped and primed for the Bobbi Brown long wear. As soon as I opened the sample jar I was already happier. The smell! The consistency! I sure hope this covers nicely. And it did. I tell you I heard the makeup angels singing. I called my mom right away and told her that her next foundation should be Bobbi Brown. I have found the foundation that was meant for me! Now, maybe my experience with Laura Mercier would have been better had I tried the tinted moisturizer and gotten the correct shade. I still might get the little tube they have at Sephora (it's at the checkout and I think it's like $15 or something)... but as for me... Me and Bobbi are going to be so happy together I just know it! Smell, consistency, coverage (without feeling sticky or like I'm wearing a mask!) HURRAY! I'm sold. Now I am lusting after Urban Decay's Naked 3 pallet, Benefit Hoola bronzer and the Nars Ita brush... good thing my birthday is in a few weeks! 

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Kirsty and Seth said...

I've been wanting to try a Bobbi Brown foundation for ages, maybe I'll give it a go now! I've been wearing the Estee Lauder double wear for years now but it just feels a bit too heavy for what I want now.