Thursday, February 27, 2014

9 months old!

We are about a week late but last Thursday this girl was officially 9 months old! WHAT!? That means in 3 months she will be a year old. I am having a hard time grasping that concept. 
This sweet babe is becoming sassy. She might look like Devin but she is definitely MY child. She does not like green beans (despite my numerous tries) and she LOVES bread (especially Panera's wheat baguettes). She is crawling ALL OVER the place, climbing the stairs, and pulling herself up to standing on EVERYTHING. She started "crawling" (she has been able to scoot and do "yoga" for a while) on February 9th and it has been go-go-go every since. Devin gave her, her first taste of ice cream the other day and she (of course) loved it and didn't want anything else after that. Sigh. So much for that all organic diet. Her favorite snack are the Gerber Organic yogurt melts and her favorite "toy" is still Lucy. I think she loves Lucy best. Charlotte, as much as I don't want you to grow up anymore it is so fun watching you learn new things! Mommy and daddy love you! XOXO 
P.S. We just ordered diapers from The Honest Company and I am so excited! I ordered their sample packet and it was awesome. I ordered their diaper and wipe month combo. If haven't heard of them, go check them out. 

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R.S. said...

I love charlotte, she is a cutie pie! 9 months sure goes quick. Bring her to me!!!