Saturday, January 18, 2014

Retail Therapy: Nail Polish

Need a little beauty therapy AND retail therapy and are on a budget? 
Grab a new fun shade of nail polish!
A few KEY times (that I remember) have been when I passed STATS- I got an amazing OPI purple shade
Before my parents came for 4th of July- COBALT BLUE
And a few weeks ago before Christmas- Hello gorgeous WINE hue! 
Confession: I have a rubbermaid container with all things nail care
Another confession: It's rare that I paint my finger nails because I get ticked when they chip. 
Right now I am DYING to go look at the polishes they have at the store because there is a specific blue I am looking for. It's the perfect winter blue (although I guess I could wear it in the spring too...)
Here are a few ESSIE shades I am lusting after...

#1. Bikini so teeny

Ok, with the ring finger in SILVER glitter? HELLO WINTER (or Cinderella... whatever you prefer). This would also be the perfect spring color. LOVE IT. This is the color I am hoping to get. Fingers crossed!

#2. 5th avenue

I have a few reds in my arsenal but I do not have a fine engine red. Because what screams, "I'm a hot mama" like fire engine red nails? I can't think of much else. 

#3. Ballet slippers

In reference to my dancing years (and Charlotte's future dancing years) how could I NOT have this shade already? The perfect ballet pink should be a neutral. 

#4. Bottle service

I am sure I have a shade like this... but I love it for the name. And who can resist bright pink nails? Not me. 

#5. Good as gold

In honor of my gold obsession, this polish looks perfect. My mom called me the other day and said, "You know Whitney gold is just SO IN right now." Don't worry mom... I know. 

So if anyone wants a nail painting party... come on over to my house. I probably have a shade you would like ;-) 


Kirsty and Seth said...

Ooh, I love all of the above! I too love shopping for nail varnishes but it does drive me insane when they chip quickly afterwards. I bought Sally Hansen's insta-dri top coat and my nails last for a week without chipping! Essie's chinchilly is the next one on my list to buy!

Kara said...

Oh man, I need all of these, but the gold takes the cake! Don't know that I'll be waiting for a time of therapy to get to it though. ;)

Fabulously Faint said...
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Fabulously Faint said...

You'r timing is too perfect! I'm hosting a polish swap on my blog. I'd love to have you join the party!
Click on the link below to sign up :)