Monday, January 27, 2014

8 months old!

Yes, I know I am week late in posting this. On the positive side, C is EXACTLY 36 weeks old today. And I went into labor when I was EXACTLY 36 weeks pregnant. So she has been out today as long as she was in! CRAZY! 
Anyway... so 8 months old...
C... we love you so much. And you are getting so big it just isn't fair at all!
You're favorite food is graham crackers 
You're favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
You officially have "big girl jammies" and we hate putting you in them because you look so big
According to the "baby center" website you are crawling...
But mostly you just push yourself backwards and then you get mad because you are away from your toys...
You have also been doing some amazing plank poses. I am super impressed by those.
You laugh and get very excited a lot and it's just the cutest thing.
You are even riding in your stroller like a big girl now. 
And you have more hair! Woohoo!
Keep growing baby girl, it's so fun to watch. 

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Fabulously Faint said...

Charlotte gets even sweeter each month.How is that even possible! :)