Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The New Year

Last year at this time (oh how I love to reminisce) I wrote down (in my phone) my "New Year's" GOALS (I like that word so so so much better).
New Year's Eve was the first night we spent in our "new" home. We slept in our guest room in the basement (our master bedroom was in no condition to be slept in) and Devin had to work a swing shift. I watched movies on our laptop and fell asleep somewhere around 10 waiting for Devin to get home. I remember getting my phone out and typing in things I wanted to happen in 2013.
 These are the ones I can remember since I got a new phone.
They went something like this...
-Have a healthy pregnancy
-Have our baby in the most natural way possible
-Put together the cutest nursery
-Lose the baby weight
-Visit California for a week 
Done and done. I am happy to say that I accomplished these things. I officially weigh what I did at my very first doctor appointment after I found out I was pregnant. My pregnancy was textbook and I did have our baby in the most natural way possible until I couldn't take it anymore. And I am in love with C's nursery. AND C and I went home for a week in August. 
I am happy that I reached my goals this year!
Last year on New Years Eve I remember thinking, "Holy Hannah I am going to become a mother in 2013!" And I freaked out a little bit. 2013 was not the easiest year I have ever had but it was the year that changed my life for forever. It was the year we moved into our (now) house, the year our darling Charlotte came to us, and the year I decided to go to nursing school. 2013 brought with it a lot of change and I wouldn't CHANGE any of that change for anything in the world. 
I am starting school next week and I am kind of freaking out about it. I have had a lot of discussions with friends, my mom and Devin about "how am I going to do it all?" The best advice I keep getting is to take it one day at a time. And that is what I am going to do. So, 2014... I am coming for you. 


Kirsty and Seth said...

They were great goals! I managed to lose my baby weight although it took over a year. I've put a couple of pounds on again now due to Christmas indulgences!


Heather said...

Hi Whitney! I hope you enjoyed the holidays! I was hoping you could email me at about a question I have regarding you blog! My name is Heather and if you could email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com that would be great!