Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas

^^^her sweater is a teanse too big, she will grow into it^^^

^^^Welcome to our back deck, complete with extension chord and dish ;)^^^

^^^This was before we realized that daddy put her shoes on the wrong feet...^^^

^^^ "You talkin' to me?" ^^^

^^^ Her "old grandma without her dentures" face...^^^

^^^All I have to say about this one is... cheeks^^^

(Yes, I had 5 inches cut off of my hair and it feels AWESOME! My skirt is from Shabby Apple, Sweater is from J Crew, Pearls were a gift from the hubs (last year for Christmas)! I am wearing a TINY bit of MAC rebel lipstick with MAC push glass in "full for you" over top and Jessica Simpson shoes that you can't see. Charlotte is wearing a Carter's dress, cardigan and tights, her shoes are from Old Navy and her headbands and bows are from Etsy... in case anyone wants to know ;-) 

I had always gone to church on Christmas Eve before Devin and I got married. And not "my" church. Usually it was the Moravian church or the Catholic church and to be honest I completely miss it. I miss getting dressed up and going and hearing about Christ and hearing lovely music and coming home, eating dinner, opening PJ's, putting them on, and touring Christmas lights before coming home and having hot cocoa and singing carols. I just put me in the Christmas spirit. I told Devin that this year I wanted to find a church that had a nice Christmas Eve program and go. I wanted to go last year but I was pregnant and I felt awful those first few months. I REALLY wanted to find a Moravian church around here to go to but most of them are back east. Fear not, I am not changing religions nor doubting my religion in the least. I just really love Christmas Eve services. It is a great way to get into the true Christmas spirit. This year it's just gong to be me and Devin and Charlotte. Last year Devin had to work until 3 on Christmas so I was by myself moving stuff into our new house most of the day. It didn't even really feel like Christmas. This year Devin has Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off and I am beyond excited... AND it's C's first Christmas. Tonight we are going to have white chili with fresh bread and an awesome chocolate cake. We will open our PJ's just like we do every year and we will go tour the Christmas lights. Devin and I have decided to play Santa tonight even though Charlotte won't remember... but we will. Tomorrow morning C will wake us up at about 7 and mommy will throw the cinnamon rolls in the oven while Devin and C work on their stockings. I honestly cannot wait. May you each have a merry and bright Christmas. I can't wait to see/read/hear about all the wonderful things you did.
Merry Christmas and thank you for reading


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

These photos are great! I absolutely love your skirt!

Fabulously Faint said...

Love all of your photos! Charlotte's chunky little cheeks.....to die for!Hope your first Christmas with baby was a great one!
xoxox Brittany

R.S. said...

I missed this post somehow! You are precious Whitney and make the Christmas spirit what it should be. I love your to pieces. I also LOVE your Christmas outfit, and C's...you are sooo beautiful and baby is darling darling!