Monday, December 30, 2013

Charlotte's First Christmas

Happy Monday friends! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Not going to lie, it's been so nice to hang out with my little family and relax these past few days. AND I cannot believe 2014  will be here so soon. 

Just some rambling's about Christmas. Nothing too exciting. Mostly just documenting for my own good ;-) 
The day before Christmas Eve Devin told me that yes he would be going into work on Christmas Eve but that he would be home early. I was a little disappointed since he had to work last year on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day but at least this year he had Christmas Day off. Christmas Eve we woke up and he announced that he was calling in and not going to work. Yipeee!!! I got my workout in (HAHA thank goodness!) and I made our favorite pancakes for breakfast (see my "recipes" tab for that one). After breakfast I started on our desserts. I made the best chocolate cake- seriously it's the best, Devin said "I can't believe I always forget how good this is!"... I usually only make it on Christmas but this year he talked me into making one for  NYE party we are going to. I also made an apple pie cheesecake. No, I won't be sharing these recipes. I'm sorry! Some recipes must remain a secret. We visited friends and watched Christmas movies and went and looked at Christmas lights! (Side story: I was going to make white chili to have for dinner but we ate a late lunch of Italian beef sandwiches and we just were not hungry! We ended up eating popcorn and chocolate cake for dinner. Classy.) We came home, opened our jammies, read Luke 2 and "The Night Before Christmas" and had C in bed by 8:30. Devin and I stayed up and put together her Santa toys! That was so fun. Charlotte woke up at about 7 and I made Devin wait to bring her downstairs (I forgot to fill the stockings haha!) It was so fun opening presents with her. She was very spoiled and ended up getting pretty overwhelmed so halfway through opening presents I put her down for a nap and she went back to bed for another 3 hours (she is teething, poor baby had a rough night Christmas night). Devin and I  finished opening presents, I made cinnamon rolls (and I did homework) and daddy put together the rest of C's toys. We really just lounged around and watched Christmas movies (and went on walks) until dinner time rolled around. We had the missionaries from our church over. Also, don't try and make the pioneer women's brussel sprouts... they turned out so gross. I was totally embarrassed. I am never making brussel sprouts again. But the desserts were awesome ;-) 
Now our decorations are put away for another year (although I scored a felt tree for C to decorate next year and an elf on the shelf for 1/2 price! And some Hanna Anderson Christmas jammies for next year!), our tree has been recycled and our home is back to normal. I am really sad to see the holiday's go but I know they will be back before I know it! 


Kirsty and Seth said...

Christmas with babies is always so much fun! This was my son's second Christmas and he loved opening all of his presents, although I think he was more excited about the wrapping paper!

diane capanna said...

Christmas with children always pulls the real feeling of Christmas together! Charlotte's looks darling for Christmas! Now that !my kids are grown, Christmas with grandkids is now my favorite!