Wednesday, December 18, 2013

5 years

Today Devin and I have been married 5 years and I honestly cannot believe it. Where in the world has that time gone? I don't feel old enough to have been married for 5 years. (I also don't feel old enough to have a child either). I know that Devin and I were just babies when we got married. I especially know that NOW that I am the age HE was when we got married. I don't even think I realized at the time how huge of a step getting married was. That the person you are choosing will help shape and create the rest of your life. I was young and in love and I just wanted to be with Devin. Now, I am older and wiser and I wish I could go back and high five my child bride self for picking the man that I did. I would be lying if I told you that these last 5 years have been cake. They most definitely have not. This last year has been especially trying for us with Devin's dad passing and adding Charlotte to our family. Yes, adding a baby is both joyful and stressful. We argue and get annoyed at each other just like any other couple. Dishes get left in the sink sometimes and occasionally the laundry piles up. Things break, and now that I'm not working we worry about money more than we have ever had to. Oh, but there is so much more joy too. And love. Especially now that Charlotte is here. I'm amazed at how much fun we have just watching C eat or blow bubbles. I like to think that I know a thing or two about marriage but honestly I feel like I will always be figuring this out. Our marriage is just old enough to be in kindergarten. It's learning it's colors and numbers. When I was in kindergarten I had awesome Little Mermaid pajamas. So that's our married right now. We are in the Little Mermaid pajama phase. A few weeks ago Devin and I were having some cuddles and pillow talk after C went to bed and we were discussing our favorite memories. There are a lot of them. We have been so blessed with this little life of ours. Life might not be perfect, but I am so glad I found the one I want to share mine with.
Happy Anniversary love.
You make our family look good.

P.S. Remember last year how we announced that we were pregnant? ;-) My oh my how things change in a year!!!


Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

Happy Anniversary! I love those flowers!

Kirsty and Seth said...

What beautiful pictures! My husband and I will have been married for 5 years in July, I can't believe how quickly it's gone! That's so cool that you got married in the San Diego temple, it's my favourite!