Monday, November 4, 2013

When husband calls for backup...

We actually had a good weekend despite daylight savings time. It sounds all good in theory, get an extra hour of sleep! Yeah right. What it does is it means I get up an "hour early" and my kid's schedule is all off. We left church early. She was just not having it. 
But really though, our weekend was great!
Friday night we went to the mall and Pottery Barn Kids had C's costume we wanted for next year (there was no way we were spending $70 on a costume) even though they said they didn't have it AND we had our first salted caramel hot chocolate of the season (RED CUPS at starbucks people!)
Saturday we  headed off to Target and were very disappointed in their lack of Halloween sale, not to mention their selection. Then we dropped C off with friends while we went to lunch and a movie. We saw Ender's game and I loved it. Devin's brother surprised us and spent the night with us so C had another person to flirt with. All good things. 
We did have a few mishaps...
Like Friday night while I was getting ready for bed and all I hear is "bleh, yuuuuuk, eeeeeeeeh" 
So I look over and C has thrown up all over Devin... and right into his mouth.
All I did was laugh- which he was not happy about. 
"Have you ever tasted your breast milk!?" Not intentionally but yeah
"So gross, I'm drowning in spit up and all you do is laugh!" 
I did not score a lot of points for that one. 
So last night when Devin went upstairs to change a diaper and he said, "I need backup! STAT!" 
I hightailed it up to C's room as fast as I could.
"Good response! I've got poop everywhere! It's on my hands and just everywhere!" 
It really was everywhere so I helped him clean it up.
"Let's just clean her up and give her a bath."
So Devin went off to draw her a bath while I undressed her.
Well, to my dismay as soon as I got my naked baby downstairs she PEED!
All over the floor, all over her blanket and ALL OVER ME.
We all just laughed. 
I guess that's what I get for the throw up incident.
Oh the joys and beauty of parenthood. 
It never gets old. 

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Anonymous said...

This was payback for him laughing at what happened to you at the mall! I love your stories, they are adorable!