Friday, November 8, 2013

Sweet moments

I once heard the saying, "The days are long but the years are short"
And that could not be more true than it is now. 
With ***school lurking around the corner, I feel this time I have with just C and me is coming to a sad close. 
It's breaking my poor mama heart. 
I am trying so hard to soak up these moments I have with her.
We stay at home most of the time and don't go out a lot because I won't be able to be at home very much in a few weeks. 
I hold her and stare at her and try my best to memorize her- just as she is right now.
I let her nap on my chest because who knows when that loveliness will stop? 
I save her smiles and keep them in my phone so I can look at them when I'm not with her.
I take videos her "talking" and eating to ease the pain of not being with her. 
I spend 99% of my time with just her
She is my little buddy.
I talk to her and tell her all the things I hope and wish for her.
I tell her about mommy going to school and that she is going to have so much fun hanging out a few days a week with a dear friend who is going to watch her. 
I tell her that I love her so much and that she is beautiful.
And that no matter what happens or what she does I will always love her.
Sometimes I can't wait for nap time... but then I want her to wake back up to play with me. 
I just love her so very much.
And I hope she never forgets that... even if she doesn't remember all this time I am spending with her right now.

*** Just to be clear (mostly because I hate that my mom keeps saying that I am going to school to "finish" my degree and that totally bugs me) I already HAVE a degree. I finished my bachelors in 2010 in health education with a minor in nutrition. With my current degree it has been hard to find a good job. I know that I need to have a "career" choice so if something were to happen to Devin, I would be able to support Charlotte and me. After a lot of prayer and discussion we decided as a family that it is best for us if I go to nursing school to get a second bachelor's degree. There is always a need to be filled and with Devin in the military it is something I can do wherever we go..***

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