Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If you read this blog...

Hey guys... if you read this blog then I consider you and I friends...
It might be weird... but we are friends... 
Because I tell you about my life and you read it... so you know parts about me...
But I feel bad because I don't know things about most of you...
So I thought it would be fun to get to know you better...
This will only take maybe 1 minute of your time...
In the comments below...
#1. Tell me your name
#2. Give me the link to your blog so I can visit and follow you!
#3. Tell me your favorite color
#4. Tell me something random about yourself.
#5. Tell me your favorite pie...

I will go first...
#1. My name is Whitney- but you already knew that...
#2. Obviously you know the link to my blog because you are here but its devinandwhitney.blogspot.com 
#3. My favorite color is pink
#4. When I was 11 I wished my name was Catherine (no joke)
#5. My absolute favorite pie is Ollalieberry pie (yes it is a real thing!) but it has to be al a mode. I have only ever been able to find them at home BUT I just learned you can order them online... which I am totally doing for my birthday (well... and sprinkles cupcakes) GO HERE to check out the amazing ollalieberry pie and order yours... One of my very favorite places to visit at home makes it. Trust me you will not be disappointed. 

I ALWAY ask people what their favorite type of pie is if I ever have to meet a lot of people at once... it helps me remember them and also gives me a little insight as to what I should bake for them on their birthdays ;-) 

Ok guys... ready go! 


Char said...

whoo hoo I'm the first one! haha
1. My name is Char
2. http://char-and-jared.blogspot.com/
3. Favorite color is aqua
4. My favorite sandwich is peanut butter with cheetos on it.
5. I'm a loser and dont like pie!

Tearsa Roberts said...

#1. My name is Tearsa (pronounced Teer-suh ;) )
#2. Livingincolormom.com
#3. My favorite color is WHITE! I love everything white, except my man, who is black! Hehe
#4. I was switched at birth in São Paulo, Brazil. Even though I'm very blonde, I was born with jet black long hair and looked very Brazilian. After my mom nursed me, the nurses took me away to clean me. They switched me with another baby and brought the baby back to my mom. When she tried to get the baby to nurse she realized it wasn't me and went CRAZY running around trying to find me. They found me and left that same day!
#5. Pecan pie in the fall! Razzleberry in the summer!

Kayla Bainbridge said...

1. My name is Kayla
2. http://jkbainbridge.blogspot.com/
3. My favorite color is blue/gray
4. It's taken three surgeries to correct my lazy eyes, but they are fixed now!
4. Pecan pumpkin pie, yum, yum!

Afton Brinkerhoff said...

1.) My name is Afton
2.) http://afton-apinchoflove.blogspot.com/
3.)I don't really have a favorite , but I look good in black , but am loving to wear blues and Grey's lately
4.)I have a "my spot" on the couch.
5.)I love french silk pie. So good!

Victoria said...

1. My name is Victoria
2. http://victorialeehill.blogspot.com/
3. Blue, all shades
4. I am trying to get into Downtown Abbey because of all the good things I hear about it, but fall asleep every time I attempt watching an episode.
5. Banana cream pie!

Sarah Osborne said...

1. My name is Sarah :)
2. kandsosborne.blogspot.com
3. I'm a fellow pink lover. Red is pretty awesome too.
4. I'm kind of in love with the smell of cleaning products. Especially dishwasher detergent. I used to smell it as a kid. And that sounds way creepier than it actually was ;) I also crave that smell when I'm pregnant...it might have to do with an iron deficiency.
5. Any kind of berry pie! Razzleberry might be the best though.

Brittany conners said...

1. My name is Brittany
2. my blog is fabulouslyfaint.blogspot.com
3. pink,pink,pink you guessed it I'm a girly girl :)
4.I have 11 nieces and nephews but neither of my siblings have kids . Just lots of amazing cousins and friends
5.berry pies are my favorite

Kayla Dolen said...

1. My name is Kayla
2. Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog
3. It depends on my mood;)
4. I sleep with a glass of water by my bed every night and never drink it! Lol
5. Fruit tarte? I know it's not a pie and obviously I don't follow rules that well;)

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I'm Jennifer.
I love movies and have a lot of them!
Peanut Butter pie!