Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Being a military wife is not something I talk a lot about on this blog...
Mostly because a lot of times I don't really FEEL like one.
I feel like I don't really fit in with all of the wives who live on base- I hardly EVER go on base... In fact I forget some of the "rules". And it makes me nervous going because I am afraid I will get in trouble for not knowing what's going on.
Also, Devin has never been deployed.
Yes we have spent time away from one another- the longest was 2 months while he was doing some training. 
So I don't really feel like I relate to those wives very well either. 
Especially now with Devin working a more "normal" schedule and wearing civilian clothes most of the time... I feel so disconnected to that part of our lives.
 But I AM a military wife and WE ARE a military family. 
We have been lucky being in the military and not having to spend a lot of time apart.
We are lucky that our assignments are for years at a time and not months. 
We are lucky to be a military family.
My man is my favorite veteran... and he works so very hard serving this country of ours.
Thank you to all of the military members past and present for serving. For working hard. And for all that you have done and continue to do. 


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, I love this picture of 'C' and Cornel Zufelt. I appreciate Military families for all they do for our country, me and my freedom will never be taken for granted because of their sacrifice.

Tearsa Roberts said...

Where have your assignments been? I lived in Frankfurt, Germany and went to school with quite a few 'military brats' who lived on base. We were in the Kaiserslautern Stake so there were lots of Americans from that base too. Kinda fun!

Tearsa @