Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Burlap Banner

Happy November!
I have to admit I am kind of sad Halloween is over! All our decorations come down, our pumpkins get thrown out, and our costumes get put back into a box. I am also disappointed because pottery barn kids is totally sold out of what we wanted to be next year... Grrrrr! 
However, now I can put up my turkey door hanger and enjoy the holidays (P.S. I already have our Thanksgiving menu planned... yum yum). 
There are a ton of different DIY burlap banners out there but this way is my favorite way because it's easy and the burlap doesn't fray.
What's the secret you ask?
Modge Podge
I really wish I had known that secret before... but I know it now. 
Spread the word. No more frayed burlap. 

1/2 yard burlap
Fabric Marker
Modge Podge
Banner Pattern (just draw one out on a piece of paper)
Hot glue gun

Pick out your favorite burlap (I LOVE this gold polkadot one!) and modge podge it on the FRONT of the fabric (if there is a pattern). Be sure to use a light hand doing this... you really don't need too much. Let it dry completely. Trace out your banner. Cut it out. Stencil on lettering using your fabric marker. Cut your jute and glue on your banner! Easy Peasy. 
This little beauty is being sent off to California to one of my favorite people.
(Diane I PROMISE I am going to the post office this week!)
I love banners. They are just so cute and easy. So take this burlap banner secret and run with it. Because it really makes a difference! 

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