Monday, November 25, 2013

Charlotte's Christmas List

Ok really this is MY Christmas list for C... 
And we weren't really planning on getting her much this year because she just won't get it...
But this stuff I just cannot pass up for her. Mostly because these items come from AMAZING small businesses. All of these sweet shops I follow on Instagram (which is how I found most of them!)
These women are amazing. I know I already said that. But it's true! I mean, just look at the beautiful things they have created! And if there is anything I have learned these last few years, it's that hand made is better- always.
*some of these things I have already purchased for C... others I am still dreaming about*

#1. Baby leggings
I was REALLY hoping to win these adorable leggings from Miss J Handmade because I just love them. The big dipper has a special place in my heart because Devin and I looked at it on our first date (and lots of dates after that!) Also, it speaks to my nerdy side in more ways than one (I was in the "gifted and talented program" in elementary school and we studied the constellations...) So how could C NOT have these? Right? Right! All of the things Miss J Handmade makes are amazing. I'm pretty sure C needs all of the leggings she makes! (Um...P.S. These come in RUFFLES!!!)

#2. Leather bows
Ok. I am completely obsessed with these. Absolute obsession. Raine and Skye (um how awesome is her shop name!?) makes the most gorgeous little leather bows. I go on her Instagram at least twice a day to look at all the beautiful things she makes. I bought Charlotte 6 of these sweet bows and I am contemplating getting her just a few more. Because what is classier than leather? I really can't think of much. C needs one in every color. I'm just sure of it. I can't wait to get these!

#3. Baby moccasins
I know there is a lot of hype out there about Freshly Picked moccasins... And don't get me wrong they are oh so cute! I just cannot justify spending $60 on a pair of baby shoes (I'm so sorry Freshly Picked I really do love your stuff!). I found My Beautiful Little Shop on Instagram and her moccs (all leather too!) are $25 (shipped!). I am LOVING this red pair. I think C needs some red and pink ones don't you? And side note: C is still in newborn shoes at 6 months old.

#4. Custom name pillow
I found this online back in August and KNEW C had to have one. It was just so special how could I not? For the Love of Joy makes absolutely STUNNING handmade items. I wish I could design and sew like her. She has brought back the name pillow but only a limited quantity so if you want one, jump on it! Charlotte's is absolutely gorgeous! I will post photos of it after Christmas ;-)

#5. Princess peg buddies
These are all hand painted. HAND PAINTED! I am not a painter (that's for sure) so these are so impressive to me. These are from Peg Buddies and I just can't get enough of their cuteness. I am just amazed at all the details she puts into her work.  I also love the nativity sets she makes! 

#6. Pom Pom hat
This I had made for C by Alane Marie Creations and I adore it! (This is the exact one she made for us). I had a vision of what I wanted and it is just perfect. Ssshhh I tried this on C when we first got it but she won't remember so she is still getting it for Christmas ;-) But seriously though Alane makes the most adorable handmade hats and props. I am dying over THIS one right now!

I love these items because they are special. They are special because these ladies have taken their time and talents to create something truly beautiful. So thank you, shop owners, for making amazing things! My sweet babe is going to have the best handmade gifts around, thanks to you!
I love Christmas and all it represents. It reminds me that there is hope, and light, and magic still left in this world. And I see the magic everyday with my sweet babe. I can't wait for her first Christmas.


Tearsa Roberts said...

I'm in love with the peg princess dolls and Big Dipper leggings!! Why is baby stuff so adorable and absolutely impossible NOT to buy?!

Aspen Ballard said...

Those dipper leggings and little moccasins are just adorable! Super cute list :)

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Diane's Photography said...

charlotte has a fantastic Christmas it all~