Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Bronzer and I have a love/hate relationship. 
I love it in the summer...and hate it once fall comes around.
I also hate it when I see too much of it on any face (including my own). 
I just want to wash it all off. 
I am seeing way too much of this lately... and it's a problem.
I know I can be way too heavy handed on the bronzer (and probably makeup in general at times) and sometimes I have to smack my hand to make myself stop... So I am here to tell you once again... stop the madness with the bronzer people. Please. 
I feel like I post this every fall but I know I need the reminder to pack up the bronzer and bring out the nice pink blush. 
Through August it's just fine in moderation... But come October I know your skin isn't that tan naturally.
Also you might think it looks really good! Especially in artificial light... but it doesn't. 
I am certainly a victim of this crime.
(It's especially evident in C's newborn photos... it's pretty bad)
I am also a victim of trying to high light and contour with a sparkly bronzer.
It's just all kinds of wrong. 
You live, you learn, you perfect your makeup routine right? Right. 

SO here are 4 easy ways to update your fall makeup routine without using your fake tanning bronzer (If you must use bronzer use it sparingly. And if you must use it to H and C use one without shimmer... and use it sparingly too.)

#1. Wine hued lips
You guys know I love my red lipstick (which I haven't worn in forever because I love kissing my baby so much it would get everywhere!) but I am loving this deeper more purpley shade for fall! My favorite? Rebel by MAC. I just got it and it's fabulous! 

#2. The cat eye
Now, I am not the expert on the cat eye because I have yet to perfect it. But I love the look. It's so simple and chic and perfect. My goal this week? Master the cat eye. I'm excited to use NARS Stylo eyeliner.  

#3. Bold brows
(I love this girl's whole look! She has it going on! Bold brows, awesome lipstick and NICE CHEEK COLOR! Yes.) 
I have never had skinny eyebrows nor have I ever wanted to shave them off and draw them in. Your brows make a difference! They frame your face! One of my favorite quotes about brows is that they are sisters not twins. So fill those suckers in! Honestly- I use my Brown Down eyeshadow from MAC and an eyeliner brush to do mine. I also set it with brow gel (mine is Clinique). 

#4. Flushed pink cheeks
You guys KNOW I am a fan of the pink cheek. This girl looks like she has a bit of bronzer on but the apples of her cheeks are a nice pink. Try and go for a matte pink shade, shimmer just makes you look shiny (especially in photos). My favorite is Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in doll face. I really want to try the "amused" color or every Bobbi Brown's "peony". They are next on my list!

I know doing something new to your face is scary but I promise it will be a good change. And sometimes less it more. Especially in the case of bronzer. 

I'm packing mine away today until next summer. 

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R.S. said...

which magazine are you going to send this post to? I swear you should freelance for a woman's magazine Whitney!!!