Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Steve Madden. Skirt and Button down: J Crew. Belt: ASOS. Lipstick: MAC Bombshell}

-Having to go into a separate classroom because your kid is crying... sigh.
-Also, the nursing "glare". Don't know what that is? It's when someone is sitting in the nursing room (when there are only 2 chairs) chit chatting with their buddy and NOT NURSING and said someone doesn't budge when you come into the nursing room with a screaming, hungry child. That's when you implement the "nursing glare". Note: chit chatty didn't leave for a whole 15 minutes! Ugh.
-Getting peed, pooped, or spit up on. It just always will be.
-Buying tampons from dudes.
-That Devin and I really want a plasma car for ourselves... we would share with Charlotte too don't worry.
-The whole time watching Ender's Game I just wanted him to kiss Petra! I had to remind myself that it wasn't The Hunger Games (P.S. Who wants to go watch it with me!?)
-The post office. Sigh. I really hate going there.
-Our neighbor's house caught fire the other night (don't worry everything is fine!) and I "pretended" to be taking Lucy on a walk (although she really did get a walk) just so I could go be nosey and see if everything was ok. Hey officer, just walking my dog here... didn't see the 6 fire trucks... what's going on here? 

-Salted caramel hot chocolates!
-Pea coats
-Baking when it's chilly out
- Monday night, Devin wanted to watch football (I didn't) but I let him watch anyway. C fell asleep on my chest and Devin decided randomly (haha) to give me a foot rub. I fell asleep too. That was pretty awesome.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love having hubby home on the weekends :-)

P.S. I love this outfit and I felt great in it. I love days like that. 

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R.S. said...

Whitney, you look fantastic! The outfit is adorable...the shoes are darling and your hair is soooo pretty! you are just one hot Momma!