Saturday, November 16, 2013

17 things...

I have done a few posts like this in the past on my little blog where I tell you things you may not know about me... 
But currently it's trending on Facebook and I accidentally (haha!) got a number from one of my most favorite people in the world. I didn't mean to get involved (really I didn't!). I had forgotten that if you comment, you get a number and are excepted to play. But one of my favorite people in the world had such a cute  one I just HAD to comment. Imagine my surprise when I get a post saying, "You're number is 17"... 
17!? Whoa baby that's a lot... 
Plus I spill my guts out on this little blog so much there probably isn't even that much you don't know... but alas I will try...
^^^Senior year cheerleading woohoo! In case you can't find me I am in the bottom row, 3rd from the left^^^

^^^Senior photo... can't even tell I took them at the beach^^^

^^^Zac Efron's 7th grade photo hahahaha^^^

#1. I was born in Las Vegas and lived there for the first 13 years of my life
#2. I have 3 older sisters. I am the baby and it's awesome. 
#3. My sister closest in age to me was on the very first Survivor and got 2nd place. (true story)
#4. My sister went with me to my 8th grade promotion dance because the theme was Survivor
#5. My first car was a '98 green chevy blazer. I cried when my parents sold it.
#6. I was a captain of my cheerleading squad in High School. Side note: there is also a photo of me in my senior yearbook grabbing my boob... (also a true story.)
#7. I dated the quarterback of the football team in HS... for 3 years. We broke up right before I left for college.
#8. My hair used to be super blonde. But I haven't died my hair in 5 years.
#9. I HATE green beans. Seriously hate. I have tried them every way possible and I do not like them.
#10. I like to sleep in the middle of the bed. Luckily we have a kind sized bed.
#11. I had a mad crush on Zac Efron BEFORE he became famous. In 7th grade he was shorter than me and had frosted tipped hair and was so stinkin' cute. I have a photo somewhere of me kissing his cheek (ooooo!) I also have video's of him singing and acting before he "got good" and a photo of him dressed up as a girl.
#12. My first job was at a coffee shop when I was 16 (that totally tanked). My second job was at a smoothie shop (they are no longer in business either)... My third job was at Pac Sun. I am happy to say that I am not cursed and Pac Sun is doing well (haha).
#13. Charlotte's middle name of "Alivia" actually has a story. Her first name doesn't really. We just liked the name Charlotte and we wanted something that was classic and not hard to pronounce or spell (since people have a lot of trouble with our last name). I have liked the name "Olivia" ever since the first time I saw the movie Greese when I was 9 with Olivia Newton John. I thought the name Olivia was so pretty and I vowed to name my daughter that until I read the name on the cover of the VHS tape as "Olive-a". I did NOT like that O for some reason. Mostly because I hated olives. So we narrowed our name list down to "Charlotte" and "Olivia" and we loved the names together but decided that we would spell "Olivia" with an A since it was going to be a middle name and we could play with it a little more. Even after Charlotte was born we debated spelling it "Olivia" versus Alivia but I like it especially since Olivia is so common these days. Ok that was really long sorry!
#14. Devin kissed me while we were sitting on his black leather sofa that we sold before we moved here... I may or may not have cried.
#15. I was engaged before I met Devin. Yikes.
#16. I was an excellent teenager (haha). But really though! I was sassy but I NEVER missed curfew (if I was going to be late, I called).
#17. I have a goal to visit all the Disneyland's/World!

Probably way more


Diane's Photography said...

This is perfect...I loved reading all about you! you are just tooo cute and so much fun! No wonder I miss you so much~

Aspen Ballard said...

Oh my gosh haha I literally just did this post before I read this. How cool! My post is here

Makeover With Aspen

Sean and Julia said...

WoW! You knew Zac Efron? That is so cool! Man you are lucky!!

Dlarosa13 said...
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Dlarosa13 said...

Lol Whit! It seems like it was yesterday you all were my babies... I remember your sister coming to 8th grade promotional dance....she was the reason for the cool theme (Do you remember the Big "Wilson"?). I have a pic of Zac too....but it is from his graduation and then I got another of him the next day at Krystal Castillo's graduation :D I cannot believe my babies....have babies :D Love you kiddo ~ J Scoggs Mama ;)

Tricia Smeda said...

Now you are all grown up with your blog, husband, and baby!! Always, cute as ever!!

Tricia Smeda said...

Now you are all grown up with your blog, husband, and baby!! Always, cute as ever!!

Brittany conners said...

Love your about me post! I did this on facebook a few days ago and may have to share with the blog world :)