Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Zoo

I have to say, it's quite nice living close to a city where there is a lot of things to do. Don't get me wrong, back home the beach is AWESOME... but still. The closest zoo is in Santa Barbara which is an hour away. A little over a week ago our local zoo was having a free day! Devin got off of work early and we decided to head downtown to take advantage of the freeness. It was awesome! Yes, a little crowded but we saw a ton. And Charlotte LOVED it! She loved looking at all the animals. Really, she did. And we had fun getting out and exploring. It was a total win-win.
Not to mention she slept the whooooole way home.
Is there such thing as a "win-win-win"? 

 Until next time zoo! 

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Egg Salad BLT

If you are looking for an amazing and QUICK lunch/dinner for this Thanksgiving week (or any week for that matter)... Look no further. Usually I'm not a big egg salad fan but this is amaze-balls (yes I just said balls). I made this for dinner last week and Devin and I both ate it for lunch the next day. It was so stinkin' delicious, it's going to be a regular around The Zufelt household. Be warned, it's messy. But honestly you will not care that you made a mess when this is in your tummy- trust me. Make it. Love it. Tell me how much you love it too.

Egg Salad BLT:

You'll Need:
6 hard boiled eggs
6 slices of bacon (for 2 sandwiches)
2 tbsp mayo 
1 tsp red wine vinegar
2 tsp dijon mustard
Salt and pepper
1 tbsp sour cream
Ranch seasoning
Tomato (I used roma tomatoes) 
2 fresh rolls

To make:
Boil your eggs and cook your bacon to your preference. (I usually add my eggs to already boiling water and let them boil for 10 minutes. I also always cook my bacon in the microwave. Less mess and it comes out nice and crispy.) Peel and slice the hard boiled eggs and add them to a medium sized bowl. Add mayo, vinegar, mustard and salt and pepper. Use a potato masher to combine. Slice the fresh rolls and spread sour cream on both sides of the bread. Sprinkle about 1/4-1/4 tsp ranch seasoning on either side. Layer lettuce, tomato, bacon, avocado, and egg salad. ENJOY! 
*This made enough egg for use both to have a sandwich at dinner and one at lunch the next day*

Monday, November 25, 2013

Charlotte's Christmas List

Ok really this is MY Christmas list for C... 
And we weren't really planning on getting her much this year because she just won't get it...
But this stuff I just cannot pass up for her. Mostly because these items come from AMAZING small businesses. All of these sweet shops I follow on Instagram (which is how I found most of them!)
These women are amazing. I know I already said that. But it's true! I mean, just look at the beautiful things they have created! And if there is anything I have learned these last few years, it's that hand made is better- always.
*some of these things I have already purchased for C... others I am still dreaming about*

#1. Baby leggings
I was REALLY hoping to win these adorable leggings from Miss J Handmade because I just love them. The big dipper has a special place in my heart because Devin and I looked at it on our first date (and lots of dates after that!) Also, it speaks to my nerdy side in more ways than one (I was in the "gifted and talented program" in elementary school and we studied the constellations...) So how could C NOT have these? Right? Right! All of the things Miss J Handmade makes are amazing. I'm pretty sure C needs all of the leggings she makes! (Um...P.S. These come in RUFFLES!!!)

#2. Leather bows
Ok. I am completely obsessed with these. Absolute obsession. Raine and Skye (um how awesome is her shop name!?) makes the most gorgeous little leather bows. I go on her Instagram at least twice a day to look at all the beautiful things she makes. I bought Charlotte 6 of these sweet bows and I am contemplating getting her just a few more. Because what is classier than leather? I really can't think of much. C needs one in every color. I'm just sure of it. I can't wait to get these!

#3. Baby moccasins
I know there is a lot of hype out there about Freshly Picked moccasins... And don't get me wrong they are oh so cute! I just cannot justify spending $60 on a pair of baby shoes (I'm so sorry Freshly Picked I really do love your stuff!). I found My Beautiful Little Shop on Instagram and her moccs (all leather too!) are $25 (shipped!). I am LOVING this red pair. I think C needs some red and pink ones don't you? And side note: C is still in newborn shoes at 6 months old.

#4. Custom name pillow
I found this online back in August and KNEW C had to have one. It was just so special how could I not? For the Love of Joy makes absolutely STUNNING handmade items. I wish I could design and sew like her. She has brought back the name pillow but only a limited quantity so if you want one, jump on it! Charlotte's is absolutely gorgeous! I will post photos of it after Christmas ;-)

#5. Princess peg buddies
These are all hand painted. HAND PAINTED! I am not a painter (that's for sure) so these are so impressive to me. These are from Peg Buddies and I just can't get enough of their cuteness. I am just amazed at all the details she puts into her work.  I also love the nativity sets she makes! 

#6. Pom Pom hat
This I had made for C by Alane Marie Creations and I adore it! (This is the exact one she made for us). I had a vision of what I wanted and it is just perfect. Ssshhh I tried this on C when we first got it but she won't remember so she is still getting it for Christmas ;-) But seriously though Alane makes the most adorable handmade hats and props. I am dying over THIS one right now!

I love these items because they are special. They are special because these ladies have taken their time and talents to create something truly beautiful. So thank you, shop owners, for making amazing things! My sweet babe is going to have the best handmade gifts around, thanks to you!
I love Christmas and all it represents. It reminds me that there is hope, and light, and magic still left in this world. And I see the magic everyday with my sweet babe. I can't wait for her first Christmas.

Friday, November 22, 2013

The Ghost of Thanksgivings Past

Just a few ramblings before I start my story about a Thanksgiving of the past (the worst one ever in fact...) It snowed ALL DAY yesterday and the HIGH was 18 degrees. 18 degrees! Yeah we stayed inside most of the day (except to take a quick drive to school to drop off my transcripts that took for-eva to get here). It was kind of fun watching the snow fall and knowing we didn't have to go anywhere if we didn't want to. I love that about the snow. Its peaceful. And everything is so much prettier dressed in white. I put up my first Christmas decoration (I have been informed that I must wait another week for the rest of them to go up... that's the rule in our house... no Christmas until after Thanksgiving dinner.) I also made THE BEST pumpkin bread I have ever had. I think we might have ate half of the loaf before dinner. My bread maker is the best for days where I want some fresh bread without all the effort of kneading and all that jazz. Anyway friends I SO hope that you all have an amazing Friday and that you enjoy my story. This story is told purely for entertainment purposes. Feel free to laugh at it's horribleness and it's ridiculousness. I have shared this story many-a-time with teenagers struggling in the dating world... it usually makes them feel better...

So, I am going to tell you about my "Worst Thanksgiving Ever" because it truly was awful and whenever the holiday comes around I remember it all over again. Now, I just laugh at it because it was so ridiculous... but at the time it was seriously bad. 
(Me... in my college days. I will not be posting people's names or any photos I have of them for this post) 

I was 20 years old and away at BYU-Idaho. It was the fall semester and I had moved out of the dorms and into an off campus apartment with 5 other girls I didn't know previously. I had recently starting dating one of my roommates friends the month before when talk of Thanksgiving came up. My parents couldn't afford to fly me home so I was staying at school and going to have Thanksgiving with my roommate who was also staying. It would be my first Thanksgiving away from my family and I was devastated! I would miss my mom's turkey rolls and sweet potato pie! I would miss going to the movies and helping my mom mash the potatoes. But mom asked if I would rather come home for Thanksgiving or Christmas and obviously the answer was Christmas so I was stuck in Idaho for a few more weeks. My boyfriend at the time was going home for Thanksgiving for the week and asked if I wanted to go. He and his cousin (and his cousin's girlfriend) would be driving him to his family's house (which was only 3ish hours away) on their way to Oregon. At first I declined. How weird to be the girlfriend and come and spend Thanksgiving with people I didn't even know. No no we can wait and do the whole "meet the family" thing when it isn't a major holiday. And THEN he told me that one of his friends was getting married in Oregon and that his ex girlfriend would be flying in and staying with him that Friday and then driving with him to the wedding on Saturday. (He would then drive him and her back to Rexburg so she could see her friends... which happened to be my roommates at the time). I remember him telling me, "You can either be there with me when she comes or not be there when she comes. I would like it if you were there." Well there was NO WAY I was going to let my boyfriend spend 3 days with his ex without me there. So I packed up my bags and headed off. Can I mention here that we stopped at ANOTHER ex girlfriend's house on our way to his family's house? Because his sister was hanging out there. Already I felt weird and nervous. That first night we stayed at his (other) sister's house and watched The Bachelor and I just remember having a blast. I LOVED his sisters. They were awesome and funny and I just felt like I fit in. Ok maybe this won't be as bad as I thought. The next few days we spent hanging out, going shopping and ice skating. Thanksgiving day was awesome. We got up early and went and played a "family" football game and I scored a touchdown (so I was the hero of our team). We ate dinner and played games. It was exactly how I wanted my family to be when I "grew up." His little brother and sister decided to stay up with us that night and wait for Black Friday to start. We passed the time by learning the dance moved to "Soulja boy" (classy right? Yeah... not my finest moment). And I SWEAR once it hit midnight things change. Boyfriend became very distant. He didn't want to hold my hand or really talk to me or ANYTHING. Friday (after we got some sleep) he took me to a little amusement place and it was absolutely no fun at all because he was sulking. I asked what was wrong and all I got was a "nothing." I figured he was just nervous about me meeting his ex. We picked her up from the airport that evening (I sat in the back of the car) and they gave each other the biggest hug... ever. Ex gushed about all the nice things she had heard about me and yadda yadda yadda. Boyfriend said nothing to me the whole ride home. When we got back to his house, he showed Ex upstairs and left me downstairs for HOURS. His little brother felt bad so he took me out for a little bit. I remember him saying, "I'm sorry I don't know what's going on with him." Yeah me neither. When we got back Boyfriend was STILL in EX's room with her. I decided to go to bed. I called my mom and cried and asked if there was a way to get me back to school. Unfortunately there wasn't. Finally, Boyfriend knocked on my door and came into my room. I asked him what the heck was going on!? I told him that he was hurting my feelings. That I had had an awesome time up until this day and that all I wanted was to get away and go back to Rexburg. He said that he didn't want to be my boyfriend anymore. That he wanted us to "pretend" to still be together for his family's sake but that when we got back to Rexburg we were done. I cried and cried and cried. "How could you do this to me? At your family's house? You invited me here! You said you wanted me here! And now I'm STUCK here for another few days with you and your EX. And I'm just supposed to PRETEND? Sorry buddy that isn't going to happen." He begged me to pretend especially since we were driving to a wedding the next day. We drove mostly in silence and when he introduced me to the rest of his family he introduced me as his "Girlfriend." His uncle came up to talk to me and asked, "How did he end up with a pretty girl like you." And I said, "Oh we aren't together anymore he broke up with me last night right after EX got into town but he wants me to pretend like we are together but just until we get back to school." His sister look at me and said, "I'll kill him." Yeah that was what my dad said too. My dad was about to drive up to Idaho and get me and give him a good "word of prayer." Going to the wedding was excruciating. Going to church on Sunday was terrible. And driving back to school that night with EX Boyfriend and Ex was the worst and most awkward thing ever. Ex stayed in my apartment while she was in town. She would go out and see Ex Boyfriend (in the apartment next door mostly) thinking that I didn't know what they were doing. I cried and cried and begged my mom to let me come home. When we left his parent's house his mom said, "I have asked Boyfriend not to invite anyone else home for Thanksgiving." Thanks...that sure made me feel better about being dumped over a holiday away from my family. And having to stay here 3 more days... and being asked to pretend that I am still dating your son...

Now, I can just laugh at it. It was such a bad idea from the beginning.  It really was the worst Thanksgiving ever. And I am SO glad that I don't have to play the silly dating game anymore. Because none of this matters anymore. Although it is funny to tell... 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

6 months old!

HOW has it been half of a year already? HOW!? I just can't believe it. I really really can't. The day she turned 6 months old it was as if she woke up and decided that would be the day to sit on her own. It makes me a little sad. Because she is going to need me less and less as time goes on. And that is heart breaking for this mama. My girl LOVES to eat! I made her all that baby food and she was NOT a fan of spinach and broccoli. I gave it to her for a few days and now she eats it like a champ. Eating "real food" is her favorite time of the day. She gets so excited. We are also still loving  bath time but it's a lot more fun now that we have added toys to the mix. Lucy is her favorite member of the family. They are bffs. She has 3 or 4 really long hairs and they are so blonde you would hardly know they are there. Eyes are still blue! And I honestly cannot get enough of her. I could just eat her up she is so stinkin' cute. 

^^All my photos these days are blurry! She is so active and will not sit still for pictures... there's just too much to do!^^^

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Guest Post, Living in Color Mom

Today, we have a very special post from my new blogging bff Tearsa from Living in Color Mom. Because you can have blogging bf's... I'm convinced of it. She has the most adorable little family! I just know you will love reading her blog as much as I do. We traded blogs today so don't forget to go over and check out my  "It's OK..." post there. And while you are there... stay awhile and enjoy meeting someone new. 

Hey everyone! I'm the socially awkward girl from Living In Color Mom! I live in Utah where there are very few mixed race families and we are asked a lot of questions. This is my opportunity to give a little glimpse of our wonderfully unique family. Every week I also have the pleasure of featuring another adorable mixed-race family which has been so much fun. In addition to talking about my family, I love sharing DIY projects, recipes and stories from my world travels living as an Ex-Pat for 15 years. I have grown up with so much culture and I have so much to be grateful for. Come join me, as I'm living in color!

My sweet friend invited me to her brother's fiance's bridal shower. She lives an hour away so I don't see her as often as I would like. Even though I didn't know the bride-to-be, I wanted to go, but forgot to get her a gift. My dad pulled out some unopened kitchen items stored away to choose from. My best option was a Tater Twister-A little machine that cuts curly fries for you. How awesome! Everyone loves curly fries, right?!
I get there and pass by the gift table. My gift is an outcast amongst the Victoria's Secret bags and Crate&Barrel boxes-Uh oh! It's OK, Tearsa, she doesn't know you and you may never see her again. And who knows, maybe she really loves curly fries...I really hope she loves curly fries...
We eat and mingle for a while. I'm looking at the clock. "Time for presents" they announce. AHHH. OK! Time for me to go! I can't watch her open the Tater Twister. Say my goodbyes. Not fast enough! First present opened is a gorgeous tote. Next two: Victoria's Secret lingerie. Uh oh! This is not a tater twister bridal shower! This is a "pin-the-hose on the fireman, lingerie gifting" shower! How did I not get the memo? Pack your bags faster, Tearsa! I grab Terrin and get out!
I'm walking to my car. Wait, where is your toy, Terrin? Uh oh, he left it inside. Sorry, buddy, but Mom's not going back in-She's probably opened my gift. Ahh, but that toy was really nice. OK I'll go, I'll go, I'll go! Went back in there-such an awkward moment! I grabbed the toy and walked back out, feeling everyone's eyes on me. She totally opened the Tater Twister...


Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sweet Potato Kale Turkey Patties

You guys. I know the title of this recipe might sound a bit scary but let's just nip that in the bud ok? These are amazing. Seriously. I love them and you KNOW I don't post stuff that I don't love. I came across this recipe on a whim looking at paleo recipes and WHAM I decided to try it. I fell in love. The flavors are just amazing. Sweet from the sweet potatoes and savory from all the spices. This one is a favorite week night meal. I will also admit that I love these even better cold the next day. Is that weird? Probably. Anyway, try them for yourselves. You will not be disappointed. I promise.

Sweet Potato and Kale Turkey Patties
(Original Recipe)
2 green onion chopped
1/2 medium sweet potato (peeled and cubed)
2 1/2 cups kale leaves, chopped
1 lbs ground turkey
1/2 teaspoon sea salt
1 garlic clove, minced
1 teaspoon paprika
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 tablespoon fresh rosemary, chopped
1 egg
2 flour

Heat a large skillet over medium high heat with 1 teaspoon olive oil add green onions. Cook until tender –about 5 minutes. Add sweet potatoes and cook for 4 to 5 more minutes.  Add kale and cook until wilted, about 2 to 3 minutes.  Set aside. Add meat to a large mixing bowl.  Add salt, garlic, paprika, Dijon mustard, rosemary, egg, coconut flour, and sweet potato mix.  Mix together with hands until well combined. Separate turkey mixture into 6 to 7 even patties. Coat a large non-stick pan with olive oil. Add patties and cook until golden crust forms, about 5 to 6 minutes, then flip to the other side and cook until golden and cooked through.
We loved these served with rice and avocado. I even added some balsamic ketchup to dip them in. Seriously SO good!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Layla's Shop Giveaway

{Purse: C/O Layla's Shop. Leggings and Boots: Macys. Tshirt: Downeastbasics. Cardigan and Scarf: J Crew. Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo. Lipstick: MAC Red}

Let me tell you about my new favorite bag (And Charlotte's too!)... It's amazing. It's just the perfect size to be an "un-diaper bag". PLUS it comes with an extra smaller bag (!?) that can be worn cross body AND a coin purse. The day this package came, I ran inside and tore it right open and cuddle this little baby close. I have been needing a new bag for awhile. One that doesn't scream "I'M A MOM!"
This bag is the perfect balance of hard and soft. I adore the studs, they give it just the right amount of edge. This bag is from Layla's Shop, a new online boutique with amazing items and EXCELLENT prices. I go on there about once a day and droll over the cute things they have!
Visit them... you will be hooked...
Purses, jewelry, tops, printed jeans
Also... they just got amazing scarves in!
Anyway- back to this purse...
Want WIN one of your very own?
Here's where this gets good..
Layla's shop is giving away a studded tote to a "My Life as Whitney" reader!
You pick the color!
With the holiday's coming up, who doesn't want to be spoiled a little bit?
Seriously, you need this bag in your life.
Even if you don't win it, go and grab it... it's affordable and so worth it...
I promise you won't be disappointed with ANY purchase from this shop...
Enter below for the chance to win!
You can gain up to 7 entries...
Like Layla's shop on Facebook
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Follow us both on Instagram!
Become a new My Life as Whitney follower!
Easy right?
Contest will run for one week, winner will be contacted directly after the contest has ended.
Now... let the giveaway begin!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Saturday, November 16, 2013

17 things...

I have done a few posts like this in the past on my little blog where I tell you things you may not know about me... 
But currently it's trending on Facebook and I accidentally (haha!) got a number from one of my most favorite people in the world. I didn't mean to get involved (really I didn't!). I had forgotten that if you comment, you get a number and are excepted to play. But one of my favorite people in the world had such a cute  one I just HAD to comment. Imagine my surprise when I get a post saying, "You're number is 17"... 
17!? Whoa baby that's a lot... 
Plus I spill my guts out on this little blog so much there probably isn't even that much you don't know... but alas I will try...
^^^Senior year cheerleading woohoo! In case you can't find me I am in the bottom row, 3rd from the left^^^

^^^Senior photo... can't even tell I took them at the beach^^^

^^^Zac Efron's 7th grade photo hahahaha^^^

#1. I was born in Las Vegas and lived there for the first 13 years of my life
#2. I have 3 older sisters. I am the baby and it's awesome. 
#3. My sister closest in age to me was on the very first Survivor and got 2nd place. (true story)
#4. My sister went with me to my 8th grade promotion dance because the theme was Survivor
#5. My first car was a '98 green chevy blazer. I cried when my parents sold it.
#6. I was a captain of my cheerleading squad in High School. Side note: there is also a photo of me in my senior yearbook grabbing my boob... (also a true story.)
#7. I dated the quarterback of the football team in HS... for 3 years. We broke up right before I left for college.
#8. My hair used to be super blonde. But I haven't died my hair in 5 years.
#9. I HATE green beans. Seriously hate. I have tried them every way possible and I do not like them.
#10. I like to sleep in the middle of the bed. Luckily we have a kind sized bed.
#11. I had a mad crush on Zac Efron BEFORE he became famous. In 7th grade he was shorter than me and had frosted tipped hair and was so stinkin' cute. I have a photo somewhere of me kissing his cheek (ooooo!) I also have video's of him singing and acting before he "got good" and a photo of him dressed up as a girl.
#12. My first job was at a coffee shop when I was 16 (that totally tanked). My second job was at a smoothie shop (they are no longer in business either)... My third job was at Pac Sun. I am happy to say that I am not cursed and Pac Sun is doing well (haha).
#13. Charlotte's middle name of "Alivia" actually has a story. Her first name doesn't really. We just liked the name Charlotte and we wanted something that was classic and not hard to pronounce or spell (since people have a lot of trouble with our last name). I have liked the name "Olivia" ever since the first time I saw the movie Greese when I was 9 with Olivia Newton John. I thought the name Olivia was so pretty and I vowed to name my daughter that until I read the name on the cover of the VHS tape as "Olive-a". I did NOT like that O for some reason. Mostly because I hated olives. So we narrowed our name list down to "Charlotte" and "Olivia" and we loved the names together but decided that we would spell "Olivia" with an A since it was going to be a middle name and we could play with it a little more. Even after Charlotte was born we debated spelling it "Olivia" versus Alivia but I like it especially since Olivia is so common these days. Ok that was really long sorry!
#14. Devin kissed me while we were sitting on his black leather sofa that we sold before we moved here... I may or may not have cried.
#15. I was engaged before I met Devin. Yikes.
#16. I was an excellent teenager (haha). But really though! I was sassy but I NEVER missed curfew (if I was going to be late, I called).
#17. I have a goal to visit all the Disneyland's/World!

Probably way more

Friday, November 15, 2013

Watching her grow

Watching my sweet girl grow is one of the best things I have even been able to witness.
It's also the saddest.
From finding out I was pregnant and watching my belly swell with her, to seeing her grow and develop right before my eyes on the outside... it's just plain amazing. 
I freak out every time she rolls
Just the other day I went into her room to check on her while she was "napping" (she naps on her belly) and she had rolled over and was smiling at me and watching her mobile.
Stop growing up please! It's breaking my heart. 
The other night Devin and I were talking...
We stress more about money these days than we ever ever ever have
Our crappy subaru is really crappy and is eating lots of money
Our garage door broke
And we are having to take out loans for school that we didn't think we were going to need to do...
I cried all the way home after meeting with financial aide. 
I was convinced that I no longer wanted to go to nursing school and that I would bite the bullet and try and find a better job that I could do with my current degree.
(Don't worry it's still happening)
Then Devin said, "I hate my life." and I said, "Yeah, I hate it sometimes too."
We both looked at each other... and we knew it wasn't true. 
He said, "No, I don't mean that. I hated being in the junk yard for 6 hours today trying to get a part off of a car so we could save $100. I hated that. Overall it's pretty amazing. We are so very blessed."
He is right. 
I said, "Yes we are but life is so much harder than it used to be. I feel more overwhelmed now than I ever have." 
Charlotte started crying so Devin went to get her... he came out and said, "Look at her. Life might be harder but it's so worth it."
He is right. 
Life IS harder now but the more I think about it... there isn't anything in my life I would change...
Especially my family...
My little family that I helped create is the best thing in my entire life. 
It is such a privilege to be married to my man
And to be the mommy of my sweet baby girl
And to watch her grow...
We are all learning and growing together these days.

P.S. This baby girl had better be going through a growth spurt because this week has been awful as far as sleeping goes... Still sayin' she is going to be an only child. 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

{Our lone pumpkin left over from Halloween}
{Shoes: Rocketdog. Jeans: Banana Republic. Top: J Crew. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren. Pearls: Gift. Lipstick: MAC Rebel}

-Just one outfit photo today because all the rest were super awkward... even for me...
-I can no longer sit through all 3 hours of church. We are lucky to make it through sacrament meeting.
-Mostly this is due to my child's new found high pitch scream. We are hall wanderers now.
-I get messages left on my phone ALL THE TIME by people I don't know... they are always looking for Melissa. I even had people call AFTER I told them they had the wrong number. So, Melissa if you are out there... Your car is ready to be picked up and some lady wants to go over some ideas with you. You should probably call them back.
-The other day when I asked Devin want he wanted for dinner and he said, "I don't know, you have made a different recipe pretty much every day for the past 5 years and I can't remember the ones that I liked." Guess I need more recipe staples?
-My kid used to be able to sleep through ANYTHING but ever since something back from CA she is a terribly light sleeper. Boo.
-Getting your monthly bill (ahem) after not having it for a year... All I could think was, "And so we meet again..."

-Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks!!! I have my menu all prepared. It's just us this year again and I am terribly sad to not be with my mommy :-( But its OK we will still have yummy food!
-I am preparing a "week of eats" for my little blog! I will post a recipe every day... doesn't that sound awesome?
-Going to TRY and make my own baby food for C this weekend... wish me luck!
-Giveaways... stay tuned... I have an ABSOLUTELY amazing one coming your way next week...
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My thighs touch

(These mint skinny cords are my goal)

Ugh, so since this is my blog I am going to tell you something- mostly because I see so much verbal vomit around the Internet concerning weightless and exercise and the "mommy excuse". 
My thighs touch. 
And they ALWAYS have. 
I honestly cannot remember a time when they didn't. Even when I was at my skinniest they touched. 
2 more things I am going to tell you... I work out... but I also like to eat (obviously if you have seen any of the recipes I post). 
I do not see myself as "fat" or "overweight" although Hollywood might think differently about that one... but I also don't see myself as "skinny".
I see myself as "healthy" and I like it. 
I work out 4-6 days a week for at least 30-50 minutes
I also eat. I eat because I need to eat and I need to feed another human being with my body.
WEIGHT LOSS is hard for most of us. It takes a lot of effort with exercise AND in the kitchen (the 2 go hand in hand in case you weren't aware). But there are some people who are just plain blessed with a perms-skinny bod.
Don't let those people discourage you. Just because that isn't your body type doesn't mean you can't be healthy. You can! You just have to want it and work at it. 
Look- I'm just tired of all these things popping up about "what's your excuse" and then everyone getting all ticked at the girl who posted it. 
If you don't like the way your body looks, either get over it or do something about it.
I'm tired of seeing the whining... mostly because I watch The Biggest Loser every week and every week someone is crying. I get it. A lot of people have emotional baggage and they eat their feelings.
I GET having an emotional relationship with food. That's why there is a term called "comfort food". 
When I was in high school, I capped out at my heaviest at 153 (before becoming pregnant... I won't tell you THAT number haha).
We had just moved away from a place I had lived all my life. We moved from a nice home where I had my own room, to where I was living in a loft with a "curtain" for privacy.
I ate whole boxes of cheez-it's and a half gallon of ice cream in one sitting.
I had boys "moo" at me at a church function. I went home and cried to my mom about how fat I was. She went out and bought me lean cuisines.
I lost a ton of weight when I joined the track team my Sophomore year.
I remember that first practice I could not even run a mile. It was just embarrassing.
But I worked hard and I liked it! I cut out soda and ate healthy.
I kept it off until I went away to college. I gained the typical freshman 15.
So I started running 30 minutes a day at the gym... and an hour on Fridays.
I didn't lose any weight.
I was really frustrated with myself and even went to the doctor to find out why I wasn't losing weight.
Nothing changed.
I left school, came home, met Devin, got engaged, bought "The Firm" workouts (cardio plus weight training... who knew!?) and lost 13 lbs before my wedding...
And I kept it off and lost a little bit more in all the years we have been married.
Currently, I weigh less than I did when Devin and I met but I am still not down where I was before I had Charlotte... and I am OK with that right now. It took my body 9 months to get to the way it was and as much as I want it to be back NOW I am trying to be patient. 
If you don't want to spend hours at the gym then don't. I don't. I don't have the time to be a gym rat. I do my workouts at home.
If you don't want to eat healthy, or don't like eating healthy... then stop complaining.
Healthy eating can be delicious I promise.
If you eat like crap you will feel like crap- true story. 
I get it if you don't want to eat like a rabbit. We don't eat like that over here. 
I get a treat a week, that way I don't feel deprived.
(Holiday's are exclusions... I plan on having plural desserts in a few weeks)
I will never be a Victoria's Secret model, and frankly I don't really want to be one. I like being me. I like working out and feeling strong and healthy. I like when I eat right because it makes me feel good. But I also like eating a cookie and not wanting to go run a mile afterwards. 
Yes, my thighs touch.
And I have cellulite on my behind
And my stomach is definitely not as tight as it used to be before C
AND I have a pair of mint skinny cords I am dying to get into (I bought them 2 weeks before I found out I was pregnant)...
But if you walked out of the hospital after having a baby in your pre-baby wardrobe... you go girl.
If you have the time to spend 3 hours a day at the gym and have washboard abs... you go girl.
If you have embraced your curves and don't give a crap what other people think about you... you go girl. 
Be happy with who you are and what you have. And if you aren't happy. Do something about it. Don't complain about it and get huffy and puffy at something who worked for what they got.
And that is my unprofessional opinion on the matter. 
^^^Yes, I will be doing this exact thing once I fit back into these^^^
***AND if this post offended you... I apologize.*** 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

If you read this blog...

Hey guys... if you read this blog then I consider you and I friends...
It might be weird... but we are friends... 
Because I tell you about my life and you read it... so you know parts about me...
But I feel bad because I don't know things about most of you...
So I thought it would be fun to get to know you better...
This will only take maybe 1 minute of your time...
In the comments below...
#1. Tell me your name
#2. Give me the link to your blog so I can visit and follow you!
#3. Tell me your favorite color
#4. Tell me something random about yourself.
#5. Tell me your favorite pie...

I will go first...
#1. My name is Whitney- but you already knew that...
#2. Obviously you know the link to my blog because you are here but its 
#3. My favorite color is pink
#4. When I was 11 I wished my name was Catherine (no joke)
#5. My absolute favorite pie is Ollalieberry pie (yes it is a real thing!) but it has to be al a mode. I have only ever been able to find them at home BUT I just learned you can order them online... which I am totally doing for my birthday (well... and sprinkles cupcakes) GO HERE to check out the amazing ollalieberry pie and order yours... One of my very favorite places to visit at home makes it. Trust me you will not be disappointed. 

I ALWAY ask people what their favorite type of pie is if I ever have to meet a lot of people at once... it helps me remember them and also gives me a little insight as to what I should bake for them on their birthdays ;-) 

Ok guys... ready go! 

Triple Chocolate Scones

I don't know about you, but I'm a chocoholic. I was having a serious craving for chocolate last week and did not want to drag my babe to the store. So I had to see what I had in the cupboard and what I could whip up. I love scones. I love them most because I usually have the ingredients to make them on hand. I mixed and matched 2 recipes for this one (one from betty crocker and the other from my pumpkin chocolate chip scones) and the result was amazing. I love it when Devin comes home from work and I totally rocked my day. Do you ever have those days? Yeah, some days totally suck... but then there are the days that are amazing. The day I made these, I rocked. These scones are yummy, chocolatey and buttery. A definite repeat for us.

*Yes I realize I spelt "triple" wrong on my photo. I fixed it, but now I can't find the fixed photo... so the mistake stays...Forgive me!*

Triple Chocolate Scones:

You'll Need:
  • 2 1/4 cups flour
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup dark cocoa powder
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp vanilla 
  • 6 tbsp butter, cold, cut in cubes
  • 1/2 cup heavy cream
  • 1 egg
  • 1 1/2 cups chocolate chips
Extra 2 tbsp whipping cream and 1/2 cup chocolate chips for ganache topping

To Make: 
Using a paddle attachment of a stand mixer, combine all dry ingredients until well combined. Add butter next, let mix until "crumbly". Slowly add wet ingredients and let mix until a dough ball forms around the paddle (usually about 3-5 minutes). Divide dough in half and roll both halves out into circles. Cut the circles into triangles- act like you are cutting a pie into slices. Place triangles on a parchment lined baking sheet. Bake at 400 degrees for about 12 minutes. Let cool and melt extra whipping cream and chocolate chips in the microwave for 30 seconds, stir, then microwave for 10 second intervals until melted. Drizzle ganache on top! Enjoy! 

Monday, November 11, 2013

Happy Veterans Day

Being a military wife is not something I talk a lot about on this blog...
Mostly because a lot of times I don't really FEEL like one.
I feel like I don't really fit in with all of the wives who live on base- I hardly EVER go on base... In fact I forget some of the "rules". And it makes me nervous going because I am afraid I will get in trouble for not knowing what's going on.
Also, Devin has never been deployed.
Yes we have spent time away from one another- the longest was 2 months while he was doing some training. 
So I don't really feel like I relate to those wives very well either. 
Especially now with Devin working a more "normal" schedule and wearing civilian clothes most of the time... I feel so disconnected to that part of our lives.
 But I AM a military wife and WE ARE a military family. 
We have been lucky being in the military and not having to spend a lot of time apart.
We are lucky that our assignments are for years at a time and not months. 
We are lucky to be a military family.
My man is my favorite veteran... and he works so very hard serving this country of ours.
Thank you to all of the military members past and present for serving. For working hard. And for all that you have done and continue to do. 

Friday, November 8, 2013

Sweet moments

I once heard the saying, "The days are long but the years are short"
And that could not be more true than it is now. 
With ***school lurking around the corner, I feel this time I have with just C and me is coming to a sad close. 
It's breaking my poor mama heart. 
I am trying so hard to soak up these moments I have with her.
We stay at home most of the time and don't go out a lot because I won't be able to be at home very much in a few weeks. 
I hold her and stare at her and try my best to memorize her- just as she is right now.
I let her nap on my chest because who knows when that loveliness will stop? 
I save her smiles and keep them in my phone so I can look at them when I'm not with her.
I take videos her "talking" and eating to ease the pain of not being with her. 
I spend 99% of my time with just her
She is my little buddy.
I talk to her and tell her all the things I hope and wish for her.
I tell her about mommy going to school and that she is going to have so much fun hanging out a few days a week with a dear friend who is going to watch her. 
I tell her that I love her so much and that she is beautiful.
And that no matter what happens or what she does I will always love her.
Sometimes I can't wait for nap time... but then I want her to wake back up to play with me. 
I just love her so very much.
And I hope she never forgets that... even if she doesn't remember all this time I am spending with her right now.

*** Just to be clear (mostly because I hate that my mom keeps saying that I am going to school to "finish" my degree and that totally bugs me) I already HAVE a degree. I finished my bachelors in 2010 in health education with a minor in nutrition. With my current degree it has been hard to find a good job. I know that I need to have a "career" choice so if something were to happen to Devin, I would be able to support Charlotte and me. After a lot of prayer and discussion we decided as a family that it is best for us if I go to nursing school to get a second bachelor's degree. There is always a need to be filled and with Devin in the military it is something I can do wherever we go..***

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

{Shoes: Steve Madden. Skirt and Button down: J Crew. Belt: ASOS. Lipstick: MAC Bombshell}

-Having to go into a separate classroom because your kid is crying... sigh.
-Also, the nursing "glare". Don't know what that is? It's when someone is sitting in the nursing room (when there are only 2 chairs) chit chatting with their buddy and NOT NURSING and said someone doesn't budge when you come into the nursing room with a screaming, hungry child. That's when you implement the "nursing glare". Note: chit chatty didn't leave for a whole 15 minutes! Ugh.
-Getting peed, pooped, or spit up on. It just always will be.
-Buying tampons from dudes.
-That Devin and I really want a plasma car for ourselves... we would share with Charlotte too don't worry.
-The whole time watching Ender's Game I just wanted him to kiss Petra! I had to remind myself that it wasn't The Hunger Games (P.S. Who wants to go watch it with me!?)
-The post office. Sigh. I really hate going there.
-Our neighbor's house caught fire the other night (don't worry everything is fine!) and I "pretended" to be taking Lucy on a walk (although she really did get a walk) just so I could go be nosey and see if everything was ok. Hey officer, just walking my dog here... didn't see the 6 fire trucks... what's going on here? 

-Salted caramel hot chocolates!
-Pea coats
-Baking when it's chilly out
- Monday night, Devin wanted to watch football (I didn't) but I let him watch anyway. C fell asleep on my chest and Devin decided randomly (haha) to give me a foot rub. I fell asleep too. That was pretty awesome.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY! I love having hubby home on the weekends :-)

P.S. I love this outfit and I felt great in it. I love days like that. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Bronzer and I have a love/hate relationship. 
I love it in the summer...and hate it once fall comes around.
I also hate it when I see too much of it on any face (including my own). 
I just want to wash it all off. 
I am seeing way too much of this lately... and it's a problem.
I know I can be way too heavy handed on the bronzer (and probably makeup in general at times) and sometimes I have to smack my hand to make myself stop... So I am here to tell you once again... stop the madness with the bronzer people. Please. 
I feel like I post this every fall but I know I need the reminder to pack up the bronzer and bring out the nice pink blush. 
Through August it's just fine in moderation... But come October I know your skin isn't that tan naturally.
Also you might think it looks really good! Especially in artificial light... but it doesn't. 
I am certainly a victim of this crime.
(It's especially evident in C's newborn photos... it's pretty bad)
I am also a victim of trying to high light and contour with a sparkly bronzer.
It's just all kinds of wrong. 
You live, you learn, you perfect your makeup routine right? Right. 

SO here are 4 easy ways to update your fall makeup routine without using your fake tanning bronzer (If you must use bronzer use it sparingly. And if you must use it to H and C use one without shimmer... and use it sparingly too.)

#1. Wine hued lips
You guys know I love my red lipstick (which I haven't worn in forever because I love kissing my baby so much it would get everywhere!) but I am loving this deeper more purpley shade for fall! My favorite? Rebel by MAC. I just got it and it's fabulous! 

#2. The cat eye
Now, I am not the expert on the cat eye because I have yet to perfect it. But I love the look. It's so simple and chic and perfect. My goal this week? Master the cat eye. I'm excited to use NARS Stylo eyeliner.  

#3. Bold brows
(I love this girl's whole look! She has it going on! Bold brows, awesome lipstick and NICE CHEEK COLOR! Yes.) 
I have never had skinny eyebrows nor have I ever wanted to shave them off and draw them in. Your brows make a difference! They frame your face! One of my favorite quotes about brows is that they are sisters not twins. So fill those suckers in! Honestly- I use my Brown Down eyeshadow from MAC and an eyeliner brush to do mine. I also set it with brow gel (mine is Clinique). 

#4. Flushed pink cheeks
You guys KNOW I am a fan of the pink cheek. This girl looks like she has a bit of bronzer on but the apples of her cheeks are a nice pink. Try and go for a matte pink shade, shimmer just makes you look shiny (especially in photos). My favorite is Tarte's Amazonian Clay blush in doll face. I really want to try the "amused" color or every Bobbi Brown's "peony". They are next on my list!

I know doing something new to your face is scary but I promise it will be a good change. And sometimes less it more. Especially in the case of bronzer. 

I'm packing mine away today until next summer.