Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The Great Pumpkin

Last week Devin worked 7 days in a row 
And he had meetings 3 days out of that week
Which meant he was home just long enough to eat and run and be back in time to kiss Charlotte goodnight
So to say I was happy he took Monday off was an understatement! 
He sent me out of the house to have a mommy break and he told me that when I got home we would go to the pumpkin patch!
He has either been reading my blog or taking my subtle fall bucket list hints...
Last year we went to this same farm and didn't even get out of the car!
I had just barely found out I was pregnant and wasn't feeling too hot and did not want to go trekking all through the seemingly endless patches... we vowed to go back with our baby in tow...
And that is exactly what we did!
If you are in the area, Rock creek farms in the place to go.
It is a LEGIT pumpkin patch... like... they really grow the pumpkins there
And they give you a saw to go cut your pumpkin from the vine.
AND it's only $6 per pumpkin no matter the weight!
I remember the first year Devin and I got pumpkins and it was done by weight and I ended up spending like $25 on pumpkins... 
This place has a TON of acreage with the best pumpkins I have seen (some not so great ones too but you don't have to search very far for a good one!)
They also have 3 corn mazes, a hay ride on the weekends, bounce houses, animals and lots of homemade baked goods.
This is a place after my own fall lovin' heart. 
We bundled up because, you know... it's fall and all... and we ended up stripped C of all her cute stuff because it was so stinkin' hot!
I did make a good decision in wearing the boots because it was good and muddy from the snow last week... 
I could probably spend more than an entire day here.
I wonder if the owners would let me come work the cash register just so I can hang out?
I'm already planning on going back.
And Charlotte loved it too.
And I'm pretty sure we found the most perfect pumpkin.

For those who liked my outfit via my instagram/facebook post:
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny. Boots are Hunters. Sparkle sweater is J Crew. Sunglasses: Jimmy Choo. 

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like a fun time! Love those red boots!