Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reindeer Subway Art

Yes, I realize it's only October
Yes, I do realize that I haven't even put up my Halloween stuff yet
And that it's way too soon to be talking Christmas.
But I just couldn't wait to share this!
Also... My friends and I are doing another Christmas project next week so...
Also I have to tell you that the only thing I actually did for this project was order the vinyl
Devin did the rest (although don't let him know that you know he did it...)
He did it all...
He went to home depot and picked out just the right board
He came home and cut it out to the perfect size...
The he sanded it nice and pretty for me
Then somehow I talked him into painting it for me
And I started doing the vinyl that I think he was afraid I wouldn't do it right so he took over
The whole time he was muttering, "Stupid vinyl. Piece of junk. Why do I do your projects for you?"
Note to self- vinyl makes husband angry (ha!)
Of course when it was all done he suggested spraying it with a clear coat- You know... to make sure it stayed and all that... As much as he was grumpy about working with the vinyl he loves this. And I love that he did it all himself ;)

I bought the vinyl from SIGNATUREVINYL on etsy. She was so nice and helpful- totally customized my order because #1. I wanted "Donner" to say "Donder" because my mama always told me that Santa's reindeer was not in the party that ate people (although wikipedia says you can spell it either way). #2. I wanted RED! All of my Christmas decorations are red and white (duh right?). #3. I REALLY wanted Rudolph to be a different color. She suggested dark gray and I totally love it. Thanks  so much signaturevinyl! 

I can't WAIT to hang this up after Thanksgiving!
(Yes I know that Thanksgiving comes first!) 

P.S. This date always reminds me of "Mean Girls."... On October 3rd he asked me what day it was... It's October 3rd. 

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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love this! I am obsessed with Christmas!