Friday, October 11, 2013

My 2 pink lines

 I just put Charlotte down for bed for the night, Devin and Lucy are asleep in our room and I really should be in there with them... but I had to get this post out before I could.
A year ago tomorrow I found out I was pregnant...
One year ago I was waiting for my period that never came
I had already taken a pregnancy test and it said no (HAHA!)
I had gone into work that Friday and was basically freaking out for a few hours before my coworkers came in... They talked me in to taking another one since we had them on hand at the surgery center...
One of the girls said, "Oh I hope you're uterus isn't empty! Wouldn't that be wonderful!?"
A nurse brought me the test all discretely and asked who it was for... I told her it was for me...
(SKIP the next part if you are a TMI person)
I went to the bathroom and peed in a cup- squirted some of my pee on the test... and waited
And I sure didn't have to wait long because as soon as that first pink line showed up I knew it...
I was pregnant.
I was growing a human being inside my body already and I had no idea until that very moment.
I cried and hugged and was allowed to go home early that day.
But I didn't go home... I went to Target and took 2 more tests... both said I was pregnant.
"OK! I thought HERE WE GO!"
I bought books and onesies and freaked out about how to tell Devin... about what he would say...
Now flash forward to today... 
Here we are with this lovely little person
I am constantly astounded by her amazingness!
Her capacity to learn new things!
How much she grows and how fast!
And to think just a year ago she was the size of a poppy seed.
I remember touching my stomach the moment I found out and thinking, "Who are you in there?"
And here she is
It just seriously blows my mind
My two little pink lines is here
And she is glorious to behold
And I love her so dearly
This train is going way too fast for my liking
I take photos of her everyday because I don't want to miss anything.
A year ago I could not imagine how much my life has changed
But changed for the better.
Yes, I am more tired... more tired than I can ever remember being.
Yes, we are broke... more broke than I can ever remember being.
But we have so much more love in our home.... more than I ever remember there being.
And for that I think I will always be eternally grateful that those 2 pink lines showed up. 

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What a cutie!

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