Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Lust List- J Crew

We all know I am a lover of J Crew. It's my store. My SOUL store. If I could pick one store to shop at for the rest of my life... this store would be it. It's my "bosom store" a la Anne (with an "e") Shirley's bosom friend. I am jonesing for a J Crew shopping spree... 23 more months and I will allow myself to have one. But these are the things I am currently lusting over from J Crew and J Crew factory (and pppsssst everything at J Crew factory is up to 50% off right now! Say what!?) 
So J Crew shopping fairy and Santa Clause- feel free to keep this list in your back pocket ...should you feel so inclined to send me any of these items I would much appreciate it ;-) 

^^^ I have been wanting this peacoat for over a year! They had it last year and I tried it on... while I was pregnant. I went home and cried afterwards. I adore pink but a pint pea coat!? Class cut with an awesome color- can't go wrong! (It also coming in green!)

^^^I am a suck for a peter pan collar! I mean... I can't really say anything else about this sweater... other than I love it. 

^^^This has also been on my "want" list for over a year and now I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE! AH!!! I'm so sad! It was also a "I'm pregnant and can't buy stuff I really want right now" article. I have called around and no where around here has it. If anyone goes to a J Crew factory store and they have it will you pretty please get one for you and one for me? Size XS ok? Ok thanks ;-) 

^^^This is new to regular J Crew stores this year and I adore it. I am a huge sucker for bows... and cardigans.  

^^^I can't stay away from plaids and classic button front shirts. I think this would be adorable with a cardigan or sweater over it, with jeans and a sweet pair of boots (maybe my red hunters!? yes!) 

^^^Printed jeans!!! Devin is NOT a fan of printed jeans OR the Aztec trend. I love them but have yet to try any now that I am a more normal size (anyone remember my leopard maternity skinny jeans?) but I am dying to! I think these would look awesome with a classic white shirt, or a black sweater with an awesome necklace and black ballet flats. 

Wouldn't it just be so nice if the stuff you loved automatically appeared in your closet? Can someone invent a product like that? That would be awesome.  

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Diane's Photography said...

Cute clothes choices! I love your style Whitney ~