Monday, October 21, 2013

It's OK...

^^^This outfit is my "momiform" 
(Jeans, Cardigan, Scarf: Gap. Shoes: Rocketdog. Pearls: Gift. Tshirt: Downeastbasics)

This week is going to be a busy one. But hopefully it will end well with a trunk or treat party. And hopefully it will be better than last week. Charlotte has been so sick so we have all been miserable. She has had some kind of stomach virus but luckily it looks like she is over it. Have I mentioned that we love Halloween? I'm so glad I married a man who likes it just as much as me. I suggested that we only dress C up this year and husband gave me the look of death. So the only one of us who isn't dressing up is Lucy. And we might just put her spider costume on because she needs to be in on the fun. 

It's OK...
-That I did not do my makeup or hair the majority of last week (no I did not even have 5 minutes... I was lucky to get a shower in)
-*TMI* that when C threw up everywhere I just sat there for a minute planning  out what my next move would be.
-To call your mom multiple times in a day
-To just have soup for dinner (which we did Friday night)
-That I am dreading the winter
-To stop pretending (I sort of wish more people would)
-That I cried watching the last episode of What Not to Wear
-To forgive
-That my husband looks longingly at boy stuff whenever we go out shopping (I am pretty sure C is going to be an only child though...) 
-To be older than 5 and love pink and Disney
-That my husband is a better sewer than I am
-That I still haven't seen Hocus Pocus this year (!?)

What's OK with you today?

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terrazas said...

After our first was born I told Mike I was sorry but I was never going to have another child and look where we ended up :) Lynne