Monday, October 14, 2013

It's OK...

(Shoes: Macys (old) loving THESE ones. Skirt: J Crew Factory similar style HERE. Ring: Kate Spade find one HERE. Sweater: J crew loving THIS one currently.) 

Happy Columbus Day my friends! I have to admit that I forgot it was Columbus day until I saw great sales at the stores AND when husband told me he has today off. Win win. I'm trying to convince him to take me to do something else off of my fall bucket list (here's hopin'!) 
I have been absolutely spoiled having husband home this weekend- I will be so sad when he goes back to work tomorrow... but for now we are going to enjoy today!
And the fact that Charlotte slept 11 hours Saturday night (!?)

It's OK...
-If I don't get a workout in 6 days a week. 4-5 is just fine.
-That the pacifier is my saving grace some days
-To save Charlotte's super cute outfits for "special occasions"
-That my girl isn't dressing up as a Disney princess for Halloween this year (sniff sniff maybe next year)
-To wait for a specific  item to be on sale because you REFUSE to pay full price for it.
-That I didn't cook dinner last night
-To have a "dream house" list
-To not want to wash off a good makeup day
-That I officially hate huggies diapers
-To not listen to some people's opinions
-That we go on 2 walks every day just to see the pretty leaves
-To be an "indoor" girl (most of the time) 
-That I would rather shop for Charlotte than myself. 
-To restart the dryer just because I am not in the mood to fold. 

What's OK with you today?

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Sandy a la Mode said...

LOOOVE that top girl!! matches soo well w/ the skirt!!

Sandy a la Mode