Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

^^^FB and Instagram friends be prepared to see this outfit again ;-) 

Happy Halloween friends! It's finally here! And I am happy to say that I did not open the candy until last night and I did not eat a single piece (yet...). I can't tell who is more excited about Halloween, me or Devin. He LOVES Halloween. He loves dressing up and decorating all cheesy and the whole shebang. So glad I married a man who loves dressing up as a family ;-) 
We went back and forth for a long time about what we would be this year. Should we do toy story since we didn't really get to last year? Should we do Alice in Wonderland again? Or maybe Cat in the Hat? We finally settled on the Incredibles (yes again). Mostly because we were the Incredibles our first year after we were married AND because when we bought them we bought them with the intent that we could wear them again when we had kids. Devin had Charlotte's onesie made for her because they don't sell them anywhere for babies and I think it turned out so stinkin' cute! We have been waiting weeks to put her in it and last night finally came! Our ward's trunk-or-treat! It was so much fun. Devin carved an incredibles pumpkin and had that glowing on our crappy subaru's trunk while he passed out candy and C and I socialized. P.S. It is COLD now! I have never in my life had a Halloween where I had to wear a jacket. Can I just say that I love our ward? Because I do. We ate chili and chit chatted and C was amazing the whole time. Tonight we are going to eat good food and dress up again and answer the door as a family...
While Lucy is outside because she freaks out when the door bell rings.
Happy Halloween my friends!

^^^Someone got into our candy stash! 

^^^I love this... Mr. Incredible changing a diaper! 

^^^I love them! 

^^^ My Mr. Incredible! 

^^^ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! From us to you!