Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Green with Envy Smoothie

I have been lucky to meet some amazing women out here. Women who share their awesome secrets. When I was on a quest for the most delicious green smoothie my friend Sky came to the rescue. "It's so easy and tastes like a Jamba Juice." I was sold. I was over at her house one day (I tried and failed to make baby moccasins...) when her husband came home and they made me the most delicious smoothie. Hence why I have dubbed this smoothie the "green with envy" smoothie. Try it-you will love it. Devin asks me every day now, "Do you want a smoothie!?" Meaning that he wants me to make him one. The base of this is coffee creamer (I have used French Vanilla and Caramel and they are both delicious so pick whichever one is your favorite). Originally I was putting 1/2 cup creamer in the smoothie but it was just too many calories. It's like 25 calories for a tablespoon but there are 16 table spoons in a cup (ahhh!) which means I was putting 200 calories of just creamer into the smoothie. So I halved it and use the other half with unsweetened almond milk and you would never know the difference (except the calorie count for liquid is down to about 115). ANYWAY this smoothie makes enough for both Devin and I to have about 14 oz which is plenty. So try, love it, become a fan just like I did. Thanks Sky for this recipe! I am a believer. 

Green with Envy Smoothie

1/4 cup coffee creamer (french vanilla or caramel)
1/4 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk (add more if smoothie doesn't blend well)
1/2 green apple, cored
1/2 peeled orange
1/4 lime (rind on... be sure to wash it well!)
1 cup pineapple
1 large handful kale
1 cup ice 

Always put your liquids first then add on top...BLEND and enjoy! 

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