Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Delusions of Adorableness

I have a confession to make (yes another one!)
I used to not think all babies are cute (GASP!)
And this was especially true before Charlotte was born
Yes, there were babies that I did think were cute...
But there were a few particular ones where people would say "OMG your baby is so cute" and I would think "WHERE!?" 
My mom is not such a person... she loves all babies and thinks they are all cute.
Before we had Charlotte, Devin and I would discuss how we were worried that our baby wouldn't be cute but we would still think she was cute.
Would people lie to us about our child being cute?
I would like to think people wouldn't lie to us... but who knows! 
Fact: All parents think their kids are the cutest kids in the whole wide world.
It's just true. Everyone thinks that their baby is the most beautiful baby (if you don't believe this please watch 2 minutes of "Toddlers and Tiaras")
As such, I totally think my baby girl is adorable and does the most adorable things and makes the most adorable faces and is the most beautiful baby (which is what every parent thinks right?)
I take photos daily (which a lot of people make fun of me for but guess what? I don't care what you think!) I take videos and post them and I am that obnoxious parent who can't get enough of their baby (which I also did not understand until I had C)
I shop now more for her than I do for myself and she looks cuter than me 100% of the time.
I mean, people don't stop to talk to me anymore they stop to google at my kid.
I even had a lady tell me, "Wow and I thought my own babies were the most beautiful babies!"
At first I was like "aw that's so sweet!" And then I got to thinking, well... maybe she tells all mom's that about their babies... 
I find myself asking my close friends if they really do think C is cute (they assure me she is)
But I also find that I now have the "mommy fog goggles" on
I see the kids that I didn't think were cute before and NOW I think, "Oh ok! They are kind of cute." 
So maybe you have to be a mom to see the cuteness?
I don't really know.
All I know is now I see a lot more cuteness than I did before.
And I still think my baby is cute whether anyone else does or not.


Diane's Photography said...

Whitney, this post make me smile all the while're right, all Mom's think their babies are cute, I'm glad God made it that way so all Mom's could be proud and bust their buttons :D
cute post!

Meghan said...

So, I am at that point in my pregnancy where I also worry about whether my baby will be cute. But after reading this, you hit the nail on the head. I am going to think so no matter what:)