Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awkward and Awesome

*Please forgive the amount of photos. I just love these ones with me and C!*
I am wearing {Skirt and Top: J Crew. Shoes: Jessica Simpson.}
Charlotte is wearing {Headband and bow: ETSY. Tights: Carters. Dress: Gap. Shoes: Old Navy}

-Changing blowouts... I mean really
-TMI but after you have a baby and they tell you not to put anything in your vagina for 6 weeks... yeah like I would even WANT to!
-That I haven't had a hair cut since February... on my birthday... yeesh. 
-Forgetting to email one of your teachers and she sends you an URGENT email that says "ARE YOU OK!?" Whoops.
-That it took Devin and I both 10 minutes to figure out why my bobbin winder wasn't working... 
-The bread knife is the only knife I use for its purpose... this drive my husband crazy "WHY are you using the herb cutter? You should be using the poultry shears!" 
-A girl told me she didn't like ice cream the other day and I said, "HOW do you survive!?" 
-When the check out person asks if you found everything ok and you say "yes" but really you want to say, "Um... not really... I spent 10 minutes searching for gnocchi..."
-As we were walking in to church on Sunday I noticed my skirt was scattywhompus and I said to Devin, "Why didn't you tell me my skirt was crooked? I look like an idiot!" He said, "No you don't you just look like one butt cheek is bigger than the other..." 

-HALLOWEEN! It's so close you guys!
-Having good makeup days!
-Hot chocolate (I am still waiting to go get that first salted caramel one!)
-Getting to snuggle my hubby in the mornings before C wakes up
-Getting free lipstick from MAC!
-These little gold shoes C is wearing
-Also... her little dress has elbow patches... I can't even handle it. 
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Happy Thursday my friends! 

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Aspen Ballard said...

That's not to many pictures at all :) you both look gorgeous :)
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