Thursday, October 17, 2013

Awkward and Awesome!

(Boots and leggings: Macy's. Socks: Target. Button down: Express. Earrings: The Uncommon Cache)

I am resurrecting this old series because I used to love it and I looked forward to it all week! I honestly can't remember that last time I did an Awkward and Awesome post! But alas here we are... Enjoy!

-That I didn't realize this outfit needed something ELSE until after photos were taken. It definitely needs a scarf... or a sweet necklace... or that awesome vest I can't FIND (sigh). 
-My kid always finds the most inopportune times to rip one. Usually it's during church. The best was one of our first weeks back at church. It was super quiet and C let one loose and everyone looked at me. Cool.
-Getting spit up DOWN your shirt. Not on your shirt. DOWN and into your cleavage. Sexy.
-When people still ask if C is mine.
-All of a sudden I feel like I need to wear 2 sports bras. It's like my boobs can't stop moving once they get going. 
-The look my Dr gave me when I told him that C takes her naps on her stomach. Give me a break dude she LOVES it!
-Getting a drug test done for school... I had a dude nurse.
-The look of death I gave the sales guy that came to my door yesterday right after I got Charlotte to sleep. (note: the door bell didn't wake her up... Lucy barking and freaking out did!) There was real fear in his eyes. He still had the nerve to give me his pamphlet. Right... like I'm going to buy a mattress from you NOW (haha). 

-Devin has this weekend off!
-I can fit into a lot of my pre baby clothing!
-Halloween is COMING!!!

Maybe this outfit needed a belt... or a sassy headband...
Tell me your awkward and awesome moments! 


Sarah Lynne said...

I usually won't even tell my Dr. my babies sleep on their stomachs because they love it and Dr.'s are psycho about that stuff!

Aspen Ballard said...

Haha that awkward list is basically my life.

Makeover With Aspen

Dearest Lou said...

Totally agree with your awesome list and you look adorable!

Dearest Lou