Friday, September 13, 2013

On having a daughter...

(Her face says how I feel about raising a daughter... Or just raising kids in general)

Some days it just smacks me in the face... I have a daughter
And Devin and I have to raise our daughter
Holy. Crap. 
Yeah it's all fun and games, until she becomes mobile... I think that's where it's going to start.
She will be more independent.
Then comes the talking... NO! NO! NO! MOM! MOM! MOM! 
She will be opinionated and dramatic because let's face it... girls just are.
And this cute baby is already dramatic.
You would THINK that putting lotion on is THE END OF THE WORLD over here.
Then comes the REALLY fun part
Preteen adolescence 
What in the world am I going to do when she gets her period!?
My mom cried and stuck me in the bathtub- I thought something was wrong with me
How in the WORLD am I going to explain sex to her without freaking her out?
Actually... strike that. Freak her out enough to WAIT and slap any guy who is inappropriate. 
Oh good heavens and HOW am I going to get her to use tampons?
I will be honest and say I didn't wear them until I was a Junior in High School
Because they freaked me out!
And the BRAS
Oh dear me what do I do when she starts getting boobs!?
Do they even MAKE training bras any more? And why do they call them training bras anyway?
Or take her straight to Victoria's Secret and say, "Be prepared to spend lots of money here for the rest of your life"
and tell her to always wait for their semi-annual sales? 
How am I going to react when some little boy calls her up?
Meh... maybe I will just let Devin worry about that one
And he can worry about scaring her dates too
I've got enough on my plate...
Let's just say this train is going way too fast... and I want her to be little forever. 


Diane's Photography said...

I love it that you're thinking are tooo cute Whitney!

Afton Brinkerhoff said...

You literally take the words right out of my mouth. Or no, you put exactly how I feel into the right words. Lucky for me my mobile, verbal, 1yr old is still very much a mommas girl. But I'm afraid of the preteen/ teenage years.