Monday, September 9, 2013

MAC Fall Haul

C and I are back from our CA trip
And we were so very sad to leave Grandma and the beach (but more on that later)
Charlotte and I were definitely spoiled rotten
Because no one can shop or cook like my mama can
The Saturday that we were in town we went the the ONLY Macy's in.... 70 miles
And Macy's is pretty much the only thing IN that mall... and it isn't even a GOOD Macy's
But I digress
I knew I wanted some new MAC staples 
So Mom and I had fun at the MAC counter while C napped in her stroller...
I have dubbed this as my "fall haul" but really they are just stuff I wanted/needed.... pretty excited about them all!

#1. MAC 187 Duo Fibre Brush
Usually I'm not an "apply your foundation with a brush" type person (unless I use my bare minerals). I used to think it was too "fussy" for liquid foundation and my fingers were just fine to blend. Boy was I ever wrong. I love using this brush! It gives such light coverage and I use less foundation. Win-win. 

#2 MAC pro longwear paint pot in Soft Ochre
I used to use the "painterly" paint pot for years... then I got bored and tried Urban Decay's eye shadow primer. I thought I loved it best. Sorry Urban Decay... this one has you beat. I'm in love. I love it more than Urban Decay and Painterly put together. My eyeshadow stays on ALL DAY LONG and still looks lovely before I take it off. I have a really hard time taking off a "good makeup day"- please tell me I'm not the only one?

#3. MAC pro longwear concealer
I have been searching for the most perfect concealer for forever. I tried EVERYTHING under the sun. Nothing worked well enough for me to be in love. I just sort of found what kind of worked and dealt with it. I am here to tell you that I love this concealer. Really and truly. And that's a big deal for me to say about a concealer. Hands down- best one I have ever used. I'm my camouflage for those lovely dark under eye circles.

#3. MAC eyeshadow in Brule

MAC eyeshadows are my favorite eyeshadows. It's all that I wear. I basically ran out of allll of my shadows at once while at my parent's house. I was in search of a new highlight for fall and this one was the winner. It's got a great "vanilla" color without being too shimmery. 

#4. MAC eyeshadow in Era

I love brown eyeshadow. I really can't help it. I'm not a crazy color person to tell you the truth- although I do have a purple MAC pallet and a fun green color I bust out every now and then. I love this color for fall. Not too dark, but with a hint of shimmer. Lovely. 

#5. MAC kohl eye color in Teddy
Okay so this product isn't new to me. I have used it before but I am rediscovering my love of it. For awhile I stopped using it and was only using Urban Decay's 24/7 liners (in black *zero* no less). I have started using this one again and I can't remember why I ever stopped. I'm thinking it was because I had a baby and ran out and forgot to get a new one. But really- if you are looking for a great brown eye pencil please try this one. It's a favorite. 

What are some of your favorite products? 
P.S. I am on the lookout for a new favorite blush/blush brush! Still loving my NARS "deep throat" but I feel like it needs a friend. I am dying to try Bobbi Brown's "peony".

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