Friday, September 20, 2013

Charlotte in California

I would be lying if I said that I completely appreciated living in California the majority of my life. I would be lying if I said that we went to the beach as often as I would have liked and that I wasn't dying to get out and live somewhere new for awhile. Maybe it was because I grew up there? And I wanted an adventure. Silly me. I miss it so much. I will admit that this trip was sentimental for me- me bringing my daughter to my home town. I cried more than once. She slept in my old room... the room I came back to after my first date and after Devin proposed. We drove by my old high school... drove on the roads I learned to drive on... went to the stores I used to go to with my mom... I miss it. I miss having my mom close. Where I can call her and have her go check to see if I turned the Christmas lights off (which I did on  more than one occasion). Where we could go and have lunch on any given day just because we could. I miss going to the beach at the drop of a hat just because we feel like it. I can honestly say that my heart ached for the longing of moving back most of the time. I also have to be honest and say that I  missed the home that we have now and what we have created here. And I missed my friends! I have made some amazing friends here. I think it would be perfect if I could just move all my cute friends back to California with me... that would be amazing. I hope we can move back to California some day (although I am hoping our next move will be to England... keep your fingers crossed for me).  We had so much fun in California. It was so hard to leave my mom. My mom is the best. And it was so fun seeing everyone while we could. I just wish we had more time. Enjoy the excessive photos ;-)  

{C on her first plane ride! She was amazing... not a peep out of her!}

{First stop after Grandma picked us up was IN N Out of course!}

{Okay... I totally miss In N Out too. YUM!}

{These little babes were so cute with Charlotte}

{My favorite sushi place! Delish. We went twice.}

{My mom was a good sport... she does not like sushi.}

{C looks HUGE here! This was outside of my old office in SLO.}

{My mom and I have more than one matching outfit- and I am OK with that}

{Smiling for Grandpa!}

{She was such a great sport letting me drag her everywhere}

{This we dubbed her new "California girl" outfit}

{Metting "Grandma #3" for the first time! We love you Diane!}

{Lunch in Downtown SLO}

{GORGEOUS day and YUMMY food... Wish I would have gotten a photo with Shawna. So sad}

{Follow your bliss baby girl}

{I miss seeing the ocean every day}

{Grandma taught Charlotte how to be a professional shopper}

{Ok- I can't tell you HOW many times my mom and I have been in this EXACT fitting room trying on clothes. So fun to have C there with us this time.}

{This has nothing to do with our trip- I Just love her little stripped booty!}

{My mom is an excellent musician. She even let Charlotte play a little haha}

{Just had to have a photo of a REAL nursing room! Although tiny it was sooo nice}


{I love that we came back to the place where Devin proposed!}

{Gorgeous labor day!}

{My old stomping grounds... used to work at 4 different stores down here}

{If you ever were in need of some sandals...}

{Charlotte took her nap on the pier}

{First time with her toes in the sand and feeling the ocean water! She LOVED it!}

{If you haven't ever had a real huckleberry lemonade... do it... It's amazing}

{Our trip ended with doughssants (fake cronuts) and they were amazing)}

We miss you California. And we miss you Grandma! So so so much. A little piece of our hearts will always be there... Until next time! 


Diane's Photography said...

Aweee...I miss you Whitney~ and was delighted to meet Charlote, hug on her, talk pinterest projects and just hang with you
love you

J+M said...


I love the shoes that you have on in the photo taken in the mother's room! Where did you get those?

Whitney & Devin said...

They are Steve Madden's! I think we got them at Macys but I have had them for a year so I don't know if they carry them anymore.

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It looks like you had a really great time being back in CA!