Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fall Clothing Haul

I am slowly (extremely slowly!) starting to fit back into some of my "pre Charlotte" clothing. Kudos to you ladies who had your babies and immediately fit back into your pre child clothing... I am not one of those lucky individuals. As such, most days I feel like I literally have nothing to wear. So when C and I went to California I knew that we would be going shopping with my mom who is a champion shopper. Here are some favorite pieces that I scored....

#1. The "referee shirt"
Yes, this shirt does resemble a referee shirt but I just could NOT pass up those vertical stripes! Finally a stripped shirt that doesn't make you look WIDER! Hallelujah. This is from Express- HERE

 #2. The light chambray top
I already have a chambray shirt but this one is my favorite. It's soft and lovely and looks great with leggings. (Both my mom and I now have this top and the "referee shirt). From Express HERE 

#3. The neon cardigan

I love love love love cardigans. This one in neon was just screaming my name. From the Gap HERE 

#4. The embellished sweatshirt

I have to say that I am not usually an Old Navy fan but I love an easy sweatshirt that looks more fancy that your typical sweatshirt. So nice for those cool days before I have to start wearing a jacket! Go HERE to see more options. 

#5. The skinny jean
Praise the Lord I do fit into a pre Charlotte pair of skinny jeans... but they needed a friend. I am loving my new 1969 always skinny jeans from The Gap HERE

 #6. The perfect legging
I haven't been too big of a fan of leggings in the past. Mostly because some chicks get the cheap-o Target ones.... which I'm not saying is a bad thing... what I am saying is that if you get the cheap-o ones and don't wear a top that COVERS YOUR butt... I have a big problem with that. My mom bought me some AMAZING leggings while I was pregnant from ASOS and I loved them because they were more like a pant so you COULDN'T SEE MY UNDERWEAR. These ones are by far my favorite legging... I now have 2 pairs. Thick enough so people can't see your butt or underwear so they might as well be pants... although it feels like a legging... if that makes sense at all. From Macy's HERE

#7. The infinity scarf
Scarves in the fall are just essential. Dress up a simple top and add some pizzaz. And infinity scarves make it that much easier... nothing to tie... just twist and go! From The Gap HERE

 #8. Black riding boot
I have big calves... it's just a part of my life now. Finding boots in ridiculously hard. In fact, I bought a pair of black riding boots 2 years ago and I hardly wear them because they squeeze these giant man legs and are so uncomfortable. When I found these I was so excited I made room in my suitcase to bring them home. I love the fun details these have. Yes and Yes. From Macy's HERE 

What's on your fall list? Oh I can't wait to wear all this stuff! Just waiting for that weather to cool off... no scarves for me in 80+ degree weather. 

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Charlotte said...

I have those same skinnies! Love them!!! Looks like you got some adorbs stuff!